TF Daily Feed: Lisbon to Provide Free Reusable Period Products to Public School Students

The Municipal Assembly of Lisbon approved a proposal by the Socialist Party to offer free reusable hygiene products to students in public schools.

This step is taken to boost the use of environmentally friendly alternatives and encourage sustainable practices. It is also a progressive initiative to end period poverty – a situation when it comes to menstrual supplies, many low-income women and girls encounter challenges. Reusable pads and cups will be made available to institutions in Lisbon as part of this plan.

As mentioned in the Media news company TSF Radio, PS municipal deputy Duarte Marçal stated during the proposal’s presentation, “It is a recommendation that provides more environmentally responsible consumption, with benefits for the entire city, but above all, it ensures human dignity and the right to health of our municipality’s young people.”

Scotland became the first nation to provide free period products for all who need them in November 2020. This was followed by New Zealand in 2021, and a few states in Australia and the U.S., France, and Canada.

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