Metalheadz Announces New Techno Label: Headzstate

Right from the prototype years of jungle and drum & bass to its modern exploits, Goldie’s Metalheadz has been on top of its game for more than 30 years.

Headed by the legendary Goldie, who is known to be one of the godfathers of drum & bass, Metalheadz has played a pivotal role in the genre’s stature in the wider electronic music scene as one of the most close-knit and expansive music communities out there.

Since its inception, Metalheadz has been at the forefront of releasing fresh and wide-ranging music. Now, after three decades, it boasts arguably the strongest artist rosters in the drum & bass scene. Metalheadz began the year in strong fashion when they released one of the most anticipated albums of 2022 from Grey Code.

A month since, Metalheadz have now announced the start of a new chapter in their trailblazing undertakings with the launch of a new label called ‘Headzstate.’ The imprint is a move away from the bass-heavy sounds of DnB and will primarily focus on “House, Techno and everything in between.”

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A statement from the guys at Metalheadz reads that Headzstate “takes influences from those before us, the likes of Reinforced and the early productions of Doc Scott, Nookie and 4Hero, as well as the preeminent merging of key components from the powerful scenes in both Detroit and Berlin.”

“Goldie and Ant TC1’s collective passion for that music has always been present, not least because it’s what inspired Metalheadz but also because it arguably inspired nearly every piece of electronic music you hear today.”

With Metalheadz continuing to push futuristic and cutting edge drum & bass, headed by Goldie and Ant TC1, HeadzState will mark a new beginning of the ‘golden age’ of DnB music by pushing artists to broaden their creative boundaries and make the collective scene richer in the years to come.

For more news and updates on Headzstate, follow Metalheadz.

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