5 Sandra Bullock Films You Should Watch

So far in 2022, Sandra Bullock is set to appear in ‘The Lost City’ and ‘Bullet Train’. Her debut in film was all the way back in 1987 in ‘Hangmen‘. Since then, she has gone on to act in films such as ‘Fire on the Amazon‘, ‘Gravity‘, ‘The Blind Side’, Miss Congeniality,’ ‘The Heat’, ‘The Blind Side’, ‘While You Were Sleeping’, and ‘ Ocean’s 8’, to name a few. Throughout her career, she has collaborated with a number of outstanding directors and actors.

American actress and producer Sandra Bullock has been delivering unique and captivating performances on the big screen for almost three decades. She has played roles in action, adventure, comedy, science fiction and drama, and has thrilled audiences by bringing her numerous avatars to life. While pursuing a career in acting, she worked as a bartender and a cocktail waitress in her youth. She had roles in theater and television programs before breaking into the film industry.

Sandra Bullock has been nominated and has won multiple awards throughout her career, including an Academy Award for Best Actress and Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture. At 6801 Hollywood Boulevard, next to Keanu Reeves, she has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In the movies ‘Speed’ and ‘The Lake House,’ the two have had leading roles.

In light of this, and in anticipation of the upcoming release of her film ‘Lost City,’ starring Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt, and Daniel Radcliff, here are 5 of her standout on-screen performances. As mentioned by her in an interview with CBS News correspondent Tracy Smith, this will be her last movie for a while.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwqCTjl6IJI&w=853&h=480]

Premonition is defined by the oxford dictionary as ‘a strong feeling that something is about to happen, especially something unpleasant.’ In the film, Sandra Bullock’s character, ‘Linda Hanson,’ goes through episodes of this phenomenon. She lives a peaceful life with her husband and two daughters until things go wrong one day. She is shocked and depressed after learning from a police officer that her spouse died tragically in a car accident. Waking up one morning, she discovers that it was all a dream and that the tragedy has not yet transpired and yet it has. She can’t tell what’s real and what’s not while trying to save his life or accepting his passing.

‘Premonition’ stars Sandra Bullock alongside Julian McMahon (Victor Von Doom in ‘Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer‘ ), Nia Long (‘Big Momma’s House’) Amber Valletta (‘Hitch’), Kate Nelligan (‘Frankie and Johnny’) and veteran actor Peter Stormare (‘Constantine’). Mennan Yapo directed the film. Klaus Badelt composed the film’s music.

Watch ‘Premonition’ on: Netflix | Apple TV


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A tense drama film with Sandra Bullock playing the role of Harper Lee. The film depicts novelist Truman Capote’s life as a well-known confidante of America’s social elite. In the company of Harper Lee, he travels to Holcomb, Kansas, to write a novel about the Clutter family murders. Things become tense when Capote becomes obsessed with the condemned criminals in order to write his novel ‘In Cold Blood’ to the best of his ability.

Nelle Harper Lee was an America Novelist. She was best known for her book ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’; a novel that has been studied as part of literature. Her contribution to literature earned her the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2007 and a Pulitzer Prize. Lee is also a 2010 National Medal of Arts Recipient.

In an interview with Scott Huver featured on Hollywood Archives, regarding the film, Sandra Bullock said, “I think there are so many points of view on this story, you could go on for another six or seven films”. 

Douglas McGrath serves as director for the film and stars Toby Jones (‘The Mist’) as novelist Truman Capote, Daniel Craig,(‘Flashbacks of a Fool’) as convicted killer Perry Smith, Jeff Daniels (‘Dumb and Dumber’) as agent Alvin DeweyHope Davis (‘The Special Relationship’) as 60s fashion icon Nancy Slim Keith, Sigourney Weaver,(‘Alien‘) as Vogue magazine editor Barbara Paley, Gwyneth Paltrow (‘Shallow Hal’), along with stars Isabella Rossellini as Marella Agnelli, Juliet Stevenson as fashion writer Diana Vreeland, Lee Pace as convicted killer Richard Hickock, and late actor Peter Bogdanovich as writer and publisher Bennett Cerf.

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The Net 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsHYQjHrhKY&w=643&h=480]

The action thriller genre film was released in 1995, set in a digital and informative age. The film depicts the storing, usage, and manipulation of data, such as emails, credit cards, and personal information. A very realistic take on the data in the world of today. ‘Angela Bennett,’ played by Sandra Bullocks, is a computer systems analyst who spends much time in front of a computer screen. Her relationships, conversations, and employment are all conducted almost entirely online. She comes upon information that gets her embroiled in a conspiracy while reviewing a file. With her personal information, data has been wiped clean, and her life is on the line, so she is compelled to expose this conspiracy.

Jeremy Northam and Dennis Miller star alongside Sandra Bullock in this action thriller directed by Irwin Winkler. Musician Synthesist Performer and film composer Mark Isham composed the music in the movie. The movie also had a follow-up film ‘The Net 2.0′ (2006) and a spin-off series ‘The Net’ (1998). A movie with a similar theme ‘Kimi’ starring Zoë Kravitz and directed by Steven Soderbergh released in 2022.

Watch ‘The Net’ on: Apple TV | Netflix

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A Time To Kill

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hfTnum9fVA&w=853&h=480]

A legal drama film that follows Sandra bullock playing a budding lawyer ‘Ellen Roark’. She becomes entangled with a defense team investigating the murders of two white men by a black man ‘Carl Hailey’. After his daughter is molested and raped, Carl decides to take the law into his own hands and kills the assailants. Defending a black man on trial for the crimes he committed is challenging, especially when Ellen is threatened while attempting to justify his case.

The movie was directed by late filmmaker Joel Schumacher. It is adapted from the novel ‘A Time to Kill’ by John Grisham. An ensemble cast list joins Sandra Bullock including Matthew McConaughey (‘Free State of Jones’), Samuel L. Jackson (‘Django Unchained’), Kevin Spacey (‘House of Cards’), Brenda Fricker (‘My Left Foot’), Charles S. Dutton (‘Besse’), Oliver Platt (‘Shut In’), Kiefer Sutherland (’24’), Ashley Judd (‘Missing’) along with legendary actor Donald Sutherland. 

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Practical Magic

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One of Sandra Bullock’s early fantasy comedy flicks sees her play the role of a witch who casts spells and prepares magic portions. Along with her sister, the duo seeks to find true love. Cursed for generations whomever they choose to have a relationship with sadly dies.”Any man who wins the heart of Owens women is bound to end up six feet under” are words resonated by her aunt. The two are then are being investigated after a string of deaths, while they look for ways to break the family curse.

In an interview with entertainment channel ScreenSlam, speaking of the character ‘Sally Owens’ Sandra Bullock Said,” she wants nothing more to conform to be like everyone else, to be accepted, and it is still not happening”.

The film is based on ‘Practical Magic’ by writer Alice Hoffman. Nicole Kidman plays the leading role in the movie alongside Sandra Bullock, Stockard Channing, and Dianne Wiest. Griffin Dunne directs the film. Alan Anthony Silvestri – music composer and conductor, composed the film’s soundtrack. Artist Steve Knicks also featured on two tracks ‘If You Ever Did Believe’ and ‘Crystal’.
Griffin Dunne and Sandra Bullock were part of the cast in the film ‘Ocean’s 8′ released in 2018. 

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