Apple TV+ ‘Severance’ Season 1 Episode 7 Review

This week’s episode of ’Severance’ was heavy and had some of the most action the show has had since it began.

At the end of episode six, we saw maintenance work in progress at Lumon. This episode revealed that a new protocol was introduced to prevent the employees of the MDR (Macro Data Refinement) department from entering other departments. This meant the refiners were locked in their department. They could only leave or enter their department by using a key card that would open the door.

Another thing we last saw in episode six is Mark turning up at a college to meet the person who was continuously ringing Petey’s phone that the latter left behind after he died. It is revealed that the woman behind the many missed calls on Petey’s phone is who did the reintegration on Petey. She is also the same woman who inserted a chip (that splits their memories) inside the severed employees’ brains during the severance procedure.

Due to a realization that he may have a family or friends outside of the white walls at Lumon, Dylan G’s (Zach Cherry, ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings’) confidence and boldness in attempting to understand and find out what is actually happening at Lumon is surprising, to say the least. Maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t THAT surprising after last week’s episode wherein Dylan’s “innie” wakes up in what seems to be his home’s closet before Mr. Milchick when a child enters calling Dylan as his father.

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As soon as Dylan’s “outie” transitioned to his “innie” in the elevator to the severed floor, the refiner had a bunch of questions for Lumon. Mr. Milchick tells him about the “overtime contingency” which allows Lumon to wake up the “innies” off-site. He also tells Dylan to not share anything about it with the rest of the employees and attempts to buy him off with talks of more rewards. But, Dylan doesn’t care about the rewards anymore. He wants to be certain that his son is safe.

Back to the lady who did the reintegration procedure on Petey. She says Petey doesn’t die of the procedure but because he failed to follow the post-op care and instructions. Now, since Graner – the head of security, is dead, Milchick seems to be the only one keeping an eye on the severed employees. He rewards Helly (Britt Lower) with an MDE – a five-minute Music Dance Experience wherein an employee gets to choose a genre of music and a type of accessory to dance for five minutes.

Photo: Atsushi Nishijima/Courtesy of Apple (Image via Vulture)

The lights suddenly turn colorful, and everyone except, of course, Dylan – participates in the experience. Helly seems to be the only severed employee having fun while Mark and Irving move awkwardly but they are all shocked when Dylan lashes out on Milchik. He demands to know about his son and then reveals everything to the team in a storage closet.

Helly and Mark then head to the security office which to our surprise doesn’t have any security guards. Makes us wonder whether only Graner, Milkchick, and Ms. Cobel supervise the employees on the severed floor since that is all the personnel we’ve seen so far apart from the severed employees.

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At the Optics & Design department, Burt is retiring. The department sees a video from Burt’s “outie” giving a beautiful speech to the “innies” at O&D. This infuriates Irving as he assumes that Burt would be disciplined but he is being fired! He says: “You’re all just going to stand here and let him die?”

His facial expressions change as he walks back from O&D to MDR while Burt’s selected retirement song plays in the background. “Let’s burn this place to the ground,” the grim Irving says upon his return to MDR.

John Turturro as Irving in ‘Severance’ (Apple TV+) (Image via MEAWW)

In this episode, we also learn that the employees at the O&D Department are “severed” too. In fact, in the security room, you can commandeer the severed employees’ consciousness. Mark’s sister, Devon, also talks about how she thought Lumon only did the procedure on their employees but she met a wealthy woman (the wife of a Senator) at the birthing center who seems to have undergone the procedure as well. This raises a bunch of questions – How can Lumon turn humans into these beings whose memories are severed and then treat them as though they aren’t humans capable of thoughts, feelings, and emotions?

It reminds us of when Helly’s “outie” almost implied to her “innie” that she isn’t a human since she doesn’t get to make a decision – Helly’s “outie” takes the decisions.

Finally, after never hearing and seeing the Board, we might get to know more about them without an intermediary – Natalie (Sydney Cole Alexander), in Cobel’s case in the upcoming episodes. The Board agrees to meet Ms. Harmony Cobel at an Eagen Gala.

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The end of this episode also revealed Mark’s wife to us and we couldn’t be more shocked and confused. With only two episodes left to this season, hopefully, we get some answers about Mark’s wife. Next week, the MDR might take a major step in the security office.

This episode saw a different side of everyone. Ms. Cobel and Milchick seem a little nervous, Irving and Dylan are obviously angry, Helly seemed a little happy with the progress they’ve made at finally wanting to uncover what is going on, while Mark awaits instructions from the lady he met at the college. This was one of the best episodes this season and it seems like it is only going to get better! See you next week after the eighth episode of ‘Severance’ comes out on Apple TV Plus.

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