TV Shows and Movies Coming to Amazon Prime in April 2022

Top brokers compete for the best properties in Australia, spies regroup to find the mole in the CIA, a ranch owner will go to any length to protect his family, the story of a scandalous divorce returns for a second season, and a teenager is recruited to work for an Italian criminal network.

Amazon Prime has a plethora of exciting new programs, life-changing adventures, mysteries, reality shows, and more. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood including Emmy Award-winning actress Thandiwe Newton, Screen Actors Guild Award winner Josh Brolin, Chris Pine, Paul Bettany will keep you entertained all through the month of April.

The following is a list of TV series and movies that will be available on Amazon Prime in April 2022!

Luxe Listings Sidney – April 1


‘Luxe Listings Sydney’ is a reality show about real estate and lifestyle. The show follows a group of high-profile real estate brokers as they try to outdo one another in a very competitive market. They will negotiate their way to the top of Sydney’s property market, showing stunning residences with harbor views and styled interiors.

Season one followed real estate agents D’Leanne Lewis (Director/Owner of Laing+Simmons National Corporation), Simon Cohen (CEO and Founder of Cohen Handler), and Gavin Rubinstein (Founder of The Rubinstein Group). Season two will increase the difficulty and competition by introducing a new agent, Monika Tu. Monika Tu is the Founder and Director of the Black Diamondz Group, and she is known for spearheading the global buyer revolution in the Australian property market. Brad Gustafson directs the unscripted reality and lifestyle show.

Watch ‘Luxe Listings Sidney’: HERE

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All The Old Knives – April 8


Years after a failed rescue effort, Henry and Celia, two CIA agents and former lovers are reunited. When the files from the hijacked ‘Fight 127’ are examined, it is discovered that the hijackers received assistance from someone within the CIA. Henry has been given the responsibility of discovering the truth. With signs pointing towards Celia, Henry interviews each agent one by one in order to find out the facts.

Chris Pine (‘Star Trek Beyond’), Thandiwe Newton,(‘Reminiscence’), Laurence Fishburne (‘The Matrix series‘), Jonathan Pryce (‘The Two Popes’) are all part of the cast in the film.

Janus Metz Pedersen directs the film. He is known for his work directing the biographical sports drama ‘Borg vs McEnroe’ (2017) starring Sverrir Gudnason and Shia LaBeouf. The movie is adopted from the works of spy thriller fiction writer Olen Steinhauer. The music score is composed by composers Jon Ekstrand and Rebekka Karijord.

Watch ‘All The Old Knives’: HERE

Outer Range: Season 1 – April 15


The Abbott family is the focus of ‘Outer Range’. In prayer, the family’s head, the ‘Royal Abbot,’ asks God to fill a void caused by an unexplained mystery they discover in the wilderness. While dealing with the disappearance of their daughter-in-law, the family is also fighting for their land. As Royal strives to defend his family, truths from the past are uncovered and unsettling mysteries unravel.

Outer Range was created by Brian Watkins. Josh Brolin (‘Sicario’), Lili Taylor (‘Hemlock Grove’), Tamara Podemski (‘Coroner’), Tom Pelphrey (‘Ozark’), Imogen Poots (‘Vivarium’), Lewis Pullman (‘Bad Times at the El Royale’), and Noah Reid (‘Schitt’s Creek’) are cast in the series.

Josh Brolin has portrayed a ‘western cowboy/rancher’ style avatars onscreen on many occasions, including in ‘Into the West’ (2005),‘The Young Riders’ (1989–1992), ‘No Country for Old Men’ (2007), ‘Jonah Hex’ (2010), ‘True Grit’ (2010).

Stream ‘Outer Range’: HERE

A Very British Scandal: Season 2 – (April 22)


The British drama series ‘A Very British Scandal’ delves into the highs and lows of the Duke and Duchess of Argyll. They made headlines in 1963 when they announced their marriage separation on the grounds of adultery. Margaret dominated the front pages of the news during her divorce because of shocking revelations that included fraud, theft, assault, drug use, bribery, and a vulgar photograph. The duke himself gets unhinged and is often drunk.

Sarah Phelps wrote the historical drama series, which is directed by Anne Sewitsky. Clair Foy (‘Unsane’) plays Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll and Paul Bettany (Legion) plays Ian Campbell, 11th Duke of Argyll. The series is based on real events.

Watch ‘A Very British Scandal’: HERE

Bang Bang Baby: Season 1 (April 28)


‘Bang Bang Baby’ is an Italian crime drama set in 1980s Milan about a shy, insecure teenager Alice, who joins a criminal enterprise as the youngest member. For the love of her father, whom she once believed to be dead, Alice becomes entangled in a life of corruption. Living a regular teenage life becomes tough after disposing of a body and settling into a life of crime. All of her illegal activities raise the question, “What will you do for love?”

Arianna Becheroni plays Alice in the series. She is supported by a cast that includes Antonio Gerardi, Dora Romano, Giorgia Arena, Lucia Mascino, Adriano Giannini and Giuseppe De Domenico. Andrea di Stefano is the creative mind behind the show. It will be the first Italian Amazon original fiction series.

Watch ‘Bang Bang Baby’: HERE

Undone: Season 2 – April 29


‘Undone’ tells the narrative of Alma, who is determined to learn the truth behind her father’s death. Following a vehicle accident, she mysteriously gets the ability to alter and move through time. Alma finds there are deeper mysteries in her family’s past in the upcoming season. No one in her family is interested in digging out unpleasant realities with her until she finally persuades assist her in her investigation.


Rosa Salazar (‘Alita: Battle Angel’) plays the role of Alma. The rest of the cast includes Angelique Cabral, Constance Marie, and rapper Daveed Diggs. Raphael Bob-Waksberg and Kate Purdy created the adult animated psychological comedy-drama. Hisko Hulsing directed the series. The series utilizes the rotoscope technique for filming.

Stream ‘Undone’: HERE

I Love America: Season 1 (April 29)


Lisa, on the hunt for love, relocates from Paris to Los Angeles. On this new journey in America, Luka, her best friend, helps her. The rest of the story is a succession of disastrous dates, unexpected encounters, and anonymous one-night hookups. Her quest for love will teach her that to find love, she must evaluate herself and her connection with her mother.

Sophie Marceau (‘The World Is Not Enough’) plays ‘Lisa’. She is supported by actors Djanis Bouzyani, Carlease Burke, and Colin Woodell. Lisa Azuelos wrote and directed the comedy-drama film.

Watch ‘I Love America’: HERE



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