TV Shows and Movies Coming to Disney+ and Hulu in April 2022

Fun-filled adventures with the return of popular animated characters, devastating accounts of family members, eye-opening stories on Earth day, the Kardashians are back with a new reality show and Andrew Garfield gives audiences another stunning performance in his new avatar.

Our selection includes documentaries set in a variety of settings, including the freezing Arctic, the Amazon jungle’s mountains, and a thriving farmland. There is something for everyone debuting in April on Hulu and Disney+ – it includes drama, reality series, adventures, and comedy.

Below is a list of TV series, movies, and documentaries that will be premiering in April.

Better Nate Than Ever (Disney+) – April 1


Nate Foster is a Broadway fanatic with high ambitions. Unfortunately, he is unable to get a role in his school play which leaves him disappointed. He and his best friend sneak off to New York after seeing an open audition for a broadway musical. They stay with his aunt, a broadway actress herself, as he pursues his dream to become a Broadway star.

‘Better Nate Than Ever’ stars Rueby Wood, Lisa Kudrow, Aria Brooks, and Joshua Bassett. Tim Federle directs the musical comedy-drama and it is based on his popular book series. 

Watch ‘Better Nate Than Ever’ on Disney+: HERE

Kaun Pravin Tambe? (Disney+) – April 1


‘Kaun Pravin Tambe?’ or ‘Pravin Tambe Who?’  is a biographical sports drama about the life of Indian cricket player Pravin Tambe. The movie will trace his journey being a lifelong cricket fan, holding down a full-time job and his struggles getting a call up to play cricket in the bigger leagues.

Pravin Tambe was scouted at the age of 41 by the Indian Premier League cricket team Rajasthan Royals making his debut in 2013. The movie is directed by Jayprad Desai and stars actors Shreyas Talpade, veteran actor Ashish Vidyarthi, Parambrata Chatterjee, and Anjali Patil.

Speaking of the underdog story in an interview with the Entertainment company Bollywood Bubble, Shreyas Talpade mentioned, “I felt very very happy when I was approached for this particular part, it was quite unbelievable, to be honest”. He also previously played the role of a deaf and mute cricket player in ‘Iqbal’ (2005).

Watch ‘Kaun Pravin Tambe?’ on Disney+: HERE

Madagascar: A Little Wild (Hulu) – April 4


‘Madagascar: A Little Wild’ features the fun-filled adventures of young Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Gloria the Hippo, and Melman the Giraffe at Central Park Zoo. As they pursue their aspirations, the group continues to have each other’s support. In the new season, Melman is chosen to play an original song if he can overcome his stage fright, Marty gets his opportunity to become a junior ranger zebra, Gloria gets to host her first radio show, and Alex gives cooking a shot.

It is a prequel series to the animated film ‘Madagascar’ (2005). The voice cast includes Tucker Chandler as Alex, Amir O’Neil as Marty, Shaylin Becton as Gloria Luke Lowe as Melman, and Eric Petersen as the pigeon Ant’ney.

Watch ‘Madagascar: A Little Wild’ on Hulu: HERE

The Croods: Family Tree: Season 2 (Hulu) – April 5


Stone age families and the Croods and the futuristic Betterman’s family adjusted to life on their one-of-a-kind futuristic farm and a new lifestyle in season one. The new season will follow both families on their many adventures, which will include sporting activities, challenges, and other competitions. Watch as they transform a divided treehouse into a unified home.

‘The Croods: Family Tree’ picks up after the events of the 2020 film ‘The Croods: A New Age’. Its voice cast includes Kiff VandenHeuvel, Ally Dixon, Amy Rosoff, Matthew Waterson, A.J. LoCascio, Amy Landecker, and Artemis Pebdani.

Stream ‘The Croods: Family Tree’ on Hulu: HERE

The Hardy Boys: Season 2 (Hulu) – April 6


After their mother’s death, young brothers Frank and Joe Hardy move in with their aunt Trudy for the summer. They set out to identify their mother’s killer, only to discover that the mystery surrounding her death is far more complex than they anticipated. This upcoming season the Hardys brothers have settled into life in Bridgeport. Once again put their detective skills to the test as they are looking into the disappearance of a student missing in the woods.

Rohan Campbell plans Frank Hardy and Alexander Elliot portrays Joe Hardy in the mystery series. Steve Cochrane and Jason Stone developed the show.

The Hardy Boys are one of the longest-running fictional characters having first debuted in 1927. The brothers are a pair of budding detectives who solves mysterious and supernatural crimes in the town of Bayport. They were created by American publicist Edward Stratemeyer.

Watch ‘The Hardy Boys’ on Hulu: HERE

Woke: Season 2 (Hulu) – April 8


‘Woke’ is a satirical comedy show that follows the life of cartoonist Keef Knight. In the first season as an artist, he does not use his cartoons to address any controversial subjects. Traumatized after being racially profiled and almost arrested, daily objects start to animate and interact with him. After this experience as a black artist, he now views the world differently. Season two will follow him on his journeys as an activist and a successful cartoon artist.

Actors Lamorne Morris (‘New Girl’), Blake Anderson (‘Workaholics’), Rose McIver (‘iZombie’), and comedians Sasheer Zamata and T. Murph are cast in the series. ‘Woke’ is developed by Marshall Todd and cartoonist Keith Knight. Keith Knight has based the show on his real-life experiences.

Stream ‘Woke’ on Hulu: HERE

Ice Age: Scrat Tales (Disney+) – April 13


Another entry into the ‘Ice Age’ franchise is ‘Ice Age: Scrat Tales’. This six-part series will follow the saber-tooth squirrel Scrat on his adventures embracing fatherhood. After stumbling across a young saber-toothed squirrel, Scrat decides to adopt and mentor Baby Scrat. The two enjoy a series of joyous adventures until they come across a highly cherished acorn.

Chris Wedge created this character of Scrat and also voices the character. Kari Wahlgren will voice baby Scrat in the series. Donnie Long serves as directed in the animated comedy series.

The character has appeared in all the ‘Ice Age’ films, has its series of short films, and also made an appearance in ‘Family Guy’.

Watch ‘Ice Age: Scrat Tales’ on Disney+: HERE

The Kardashians (Hulu) – April 14


The Kardashian family returns in their new reality television series ‘The Kardashians’. They will be making their return since the conclusion of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians,’ after two years. The family has moved on with their life after a long hiatus from the television screens, but their bond remains strong. This upcoming season will chronicle Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy, Kendall Jenner dealing with fame, Khloé’s and Tristan Thompson’s relationship drama, Kourtney’s pursuit to have a baby with Travis Barker, and Kim Kardashian’s public and controversial separation from artist Kanye West

The series will feature sisters Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé, along with Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and their mother, Kris Jenner. It will also feature Blink-182’s, drummer Travis Barker.

Watch ‘The Kardashians’ on Hulu: HERE

Captive Audience (Hulu) – April 21

Captive Audience’ is a true-crime docuseries set to premiere this April on Hulu. This series will follow the true story of two shocking and tragic stories in the Stayner family. The tale of two brothers, Steven and Cary Stayner. Steven Stayner was abducted and kidnapped in 1972. He went missing for seven years. His older brother, a serial killer, is presently serving time in prison.

The docuseries is directed by Jessica Dimmock and will feature family members, news reporters, and others who followed the story in the 1970s.

Stream ‘Captive Audience’ on Hulu: HERE

Polar Bear and Bear Witness (Disney+) – April 22


Disney Nature’s ‘Polar Bear’ is a documentary film centered around the life of a mother polar bear in the Arctic. Battling harsh conditions, predators, and climate change she must nurture her cubs to survive the worst. Her childhood memories prepare her for motherhood in the increasingly difficult world.

Catherine Keener is the voice behind the narration in the film. Alastair Fothergill and Jeff Wilson directed the film.

Also, coming out alongside ‘Polar Bear’ is ‘Bear Witness’. A presentation of the crew behind the film and the challenges they faced while shooting at the North Pole. It will showcase them navigating the ice and snow while filming the mother bear and her cubs.

Watch ‘Polar Bear’ on Disney+: HERE

Explorer: The Last Tepui (April 22) 

National Geographic’s ‘Explorer’ series has been taking audiences on various adventures across the world since 1985. In ‘Explorer: The Last Tepui’ an experienced climbing team that includes rock climbers Alex Honnold and Mark Synnott on a quest to assist biologist Bruce Means to the top of a Guyanese tepui, an ‘island in the sky’. They are on a mission to explore its biodiversity and unknown animal species.

The Guyanese tepui mountain range is known for its steep cliffs and flat tops that stand 10,000 feet above the jungle floor. On the peaks of these mountains, there are rare species that can be found nowhere else in the world. Renan Ozturk, a National Geographic photographer and climber, and documentary filmmaker Taylor Rees serve as its directors.

Watch Explorer: The Last Tepui: HERE

The Biggest Little Farm: The Return (Disney+) – April 22


‘The Biggest Little Farm: The Return’ follows John and Molly Chester as they leave their city lives in Los Angeles to live on a barren farm where they cultivate food and live in harmony with nature. Leaving behind their urban lifestyle, they relocate to Ventura County from Los Angeles. It’s based on the feature documentary released in 2018. The film will follow the family’s transformation of the land into the now thriving Apricot Lane Farms.

Filmmaker John Chester put the series together. It will release on Earth Day April 22.

Watch ‘The Biggest Little Farm’ on Disney+: HERE

Sketchbook (Disney+) – April 27


A documentary series unlike any other for admirers of Disney’s animated productions. The six-part series will reveal the creative process behind bringing some of their most adored characters to life on the big screen. Learn how to draw Simba, Olaf, Captain Hook, Mirabel, and other Disney characters and explore the journeys of the artist behind them. Each episode will feature an artist instructing viewers on how to create a single iconic character.

The series will feature artists Gabby Capili, Eric Goldberg, Samantha Vilfort, Hyun-Min Lee, Jin Kim, and Mark Henn.

Watch ‘Sketchbook’ on Disney+: HERE

Under The Banner Of Heaven (Hulu) April 28


A little town in Salt Lake City is completely devastated by the terrible murder of a lady and her child. Detective Jeb Pyre urges the public to remain careful while also encouraging them to come forward with any information they may have. During his investigation, as a devoted Mormon, he begins to doubt his beliefs. His quest for the truth leads him to some startling discoveries in the community.

Andrew Garfield (‘Silence’), Sam Worthington (‘Fractured’), Daisy Edgar-Jones (‘Fresh’), Wyatt Russell (‘The Woman in the Window), and Gil Birmingham (‘The Twilight Saga’) are cast in the series.‘Under the Banner of Heaven’ is directed by filmmaker David Mackenzie. It is an adaption of a non-fiction novel of the same name by writer and mountaineer Jon Krakauer.

Andrew Garfield and Sam Worthington previously worked together in the biographical war drama film ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ (2016).

Stream ‘Under The Banner Of Heaven’ on Hulu: HERE


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