Aussie Hotshots V O E Drop A Screamer on Viper

Based in Adelaide and currently busy taking the drum & bass world by storm, Australian duo V O E are one of the hottest acts in the scene right now.

Coming together in 2018 through Australian label Global League  V O E dropped their first single by combining soulful vocals and ferocious drops. This is a style they have adopted ever since, in their quest of the becoming one of the most explosive duos in the game.

For all their detonating abilities, V O E came together in a rather brutal fashion. Tom from the duo was actually replaced by Caroline (the other half of the duo) on his radio, only to be invited again by her after being blown away by his production qualities. And that is how the V O E journey began.

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Since then, the Aussies have taken their music to prominent labels like Viper Recordings, Blackout Records, NCS, RAM, Liquicity with support from names like Koven, Metrik, Black Sun Empire. The cherry on the cake has being their 2020 hit ‘Giants’ reaching 1 million plays in a month.

The duo ended 2021 with a monstrous 5-track EP on Viper Recordings which was an exhibition of their knack of combining cinematic elements and razor sharp production skills with powerful and emotional song writing through Caroline’s exhilarating vocal prowess.

Now for their first release of the year, V O E have returned to Viper for the ‘Wizards of Aus’ EP, with a tune that exemplifies their big room style of drum & bass to perfection. A long and intriguing build up with Caroline’s infectious vocals coming into play, forming a gigantic storm with its colossal first and second drop. Expect the tune to be belted in clubs across by DJs for a long, long time.

Buy ‘Running Blind’ from V O E – HERE  

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