Dubstep Label Never Say Die Is Set To Close

If you are a fan of electronic music, and you follow any of the scenes closely, you will know that one of the most important cogs of a well functioning and thriving genre is its record labels.

Record labels are the fundamental projection of how strong a genre’s roots and its contemporary strength are, and especially if it is an underground genre, the stakes are higher than ever. In the last few decades, we have seen genres like drum & bass, UK garage, and grime that started as relatively underground, explode into the mainstream, and arguably the biggest success story from the UK Underground has been dubstep.

From the deep and pensive sounds of the early dubstep era of Mala, Hatcha, Coki and many more, to its current position in the wider electronic music scene, the genre has gone through an exciting ride and there’s no Dubstep head or a producer or a DJ who’d trade its journey with any other.

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Starting with progenitors and pioneers like Tempa, Big Apple Records, DMZ, Tectonic Dubstep made its way across the sea to the United States. It prototyped a sub-genre called ‘Brostep’ that was more intense and aggressive than its deep and wobbly roots; and along with Skrillex’s Brostep revolution, SKisM’s and Mobscene’s Never Say Die Records has been on top its game since its inception.

Starting in 2009 and home to heavyweights like Zomboy, SKisM, Kompany, Dodge & Fuski, Eptic, Habstrakt, Bar9, Foreign Beggars, LAXX, 501, MUST DIE!, BadKlaat, and Spag Heddy to name a few, NSD defined the eras of Dubstep’s subgenres like brostep, tearout, electronica and riddim.

But sadly, after 13 years of belting out non stop high-quality releases, the label has announced that it is closing its operations, a piece of news that has driven fans and artists alike into complete sadness.

In a statement, the frontmen of Never Say Die said “We’re immensely proud of everything the label has done to impact the genre the way it has, but the simple truth is that we’ve achieved everything we set out to do (and more) in this industry, and it’s time for the team to move onto other things,” reads the statement that was posted to their social media earlier today. “Our legacy lives on, and the catalogue will be available to stream forever.”

MUST DIE!’s ‘Angelware’ will be the label’s last release but the label’s full catalogue will be available on their website for you to enjoy their legendary 13-year ride.

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