5 Jake Gyllenhaal Movies to Watch Before ‘Ambulance’

Actor and Producer Jacob ‘Jake’ Gyllenhaal’s career began as a child actor all the way back in 1991 in¬†‘City Slickers’.¬†Since then, he has worked with a number of talented Hollywood film directors and actors, including Dustin Hoffman, Susan Sarandon, Dennis Quaid, Anne Hathaway, and Ryan Reynolds, to mention a few.¬†

To add to his acting credibility, he has been nominated for multiple awards, including an Academy Award and two Golden Globe Awards. His performance in¬†‘Brokeback Mountain’¬†(2005) earned him a British Academy Film Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role. His family also hails from a background in film – his father, Stephen, is a film director, while his mother, Naomi, is a screenwriter. Jake’s sister Margalit “Maggie” Gyllenhaal is also a prominent actress in Hollywood. The two have been cast members in their early days in the movies ‘A Dangerous Woman’¬†(1993), ‘Homegrown’¬†(1998),¬†and¬†‘Donnie Darko’¬†(2001).

His other noteworthy performances in films that have drawn him high praise include ‘October Sky’ (1999), ‘Zodiac’¬†(2007), ‘Prisoners’¬†(2013),’¬†Nightcrawler’¬†(2014), and¬†‘Nocturnal Animals’¬†(2016).

With the release of the action-packed crime thriller ‘Ambulance’,¬†directed and produced by Michael Bay, here is a list of five other movies starring Jake Gyllenhaal we recommend you watch. We made sure to choose films from a variety of genres that showcase his dynamic acting abilities and versatility.


Jake Gyllenhaal portrays Davis Mitchells, a highly successful investment banker working at his father-in-law’s company. Davis loses his wife in a tragic car accident and struggles to mourn her loss. He begins to tear down and break everything, including his furniture, electronics, and household belongings because he is unable to fathom where his life is at.

After submitting a letter to a vending machine company expressing dissatisfaction with their service, he forms a friendship with a customer service executive. Seeking significance in his life and closure, Davis goes through a series of frenzied escapades and destructive exercises.

Naomi Watts¬†(‘King Kong’),¬†Chris Cooper¬†(‘The Town’),¬†Judah Lewis¬†(‘The Babysitter Film Series’),¬†and Debra Monk¬†(‘NYPD Blue’)¬†are cast alongside Jake Gyllenhaal in the film. The comedy-drama film was directed by Canadian film director late Jean-Marc Vall√©e. He also directed¬†‘Dallas Buyers Club‘ (2013).

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A biographical drama that sees Jake Gyllenhaal portray the life of Jeff Bauman. Jeff is a Boston local who works at a small restaurant. He encourages his customers to donate money to his ex-girlfriend Erin, who is running the Boston Marathon to raise for her charity. Holding up a signboard, he patiently waits for his ex-girlfriend Erin to arrive. A bomb goes off and Jeff is grievously injured.

The film continues to depict his anguish of losing his legs, his recovery, his dealings with PTSD, his family’s hardships, and his acceptance of his new lifestyle.

Tatiana Maslany¬†(‘Orphan Black’)¬†plays¬†Erin Hurley,¬†Miranda Richardson¬†(‘The Hours’)¬†portrays Patty Bauman,¬†and Carlos Sanz plays Carlos Arredondo, along with Clancy Brown, Lenny Clarke, and Frankie Shaw.¬†‘Stronger’¬†is based on the memoir written by Jeff Bauman. He tragically lost both his lefts during the Boston Marathon Bombings in 2013. Filmmaker David Gordon Green directs the film.

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A psychological drama that sees Gyllenhaal in the dual role of Adam Bell and Anthony Claire. Adam Bell is a college history professor who leads a happy life with his girlfriend, Mary. Anthony Claire is an actor who shares his home with Helen, his pregnant spouse. Adam Bell rents a movie based on a recommendation from a co-worker and discovers that the actor on screen has the same look as him. This prompts him to find him, stalk him, and even inquire with his mother about the possibility of a twin. When the two meet, the confrontation does not sit well with either of them.

In an¬†interview¬†with film company Curzon, speaking of both the characters, Gyllenhaal expressed,” It is Adam and Anthony. They are both balanced and both equal in the story but little bits of Anthony within the story actually outweigh long sections of Adam”.

‘Enemy’¬†is adapted from the book¬†‘The Double’¬†by author late author Jos√© Saramago. Filmmaker Denis Villeneuve serves as its director. He also worked with Jake Gyllenhaal in¬†‘Prisoners’¬†(2013). Denis Villeneuve is also behind the director’s chair in ‘Dune’¬†(2021),¬†‘Arrival’¬†(2016), and ‘Blade Runner 2049′¬†(2017).

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Source Code

A science-fiction addition to our list is ‘Source Code’. Gyllenhaal dawns the role of Captain Colter Stevens. He finds himself in a government experiment known as the Source Code. Waking up as Sean on a passenger train, he is tasked with finding the train bomber and has eight minutes to complete his mission before the bomb goes off. On failure to identify the bomber, he is sent back in time to re-live the incident.

In order to discover the perpetrator and prevent a broader attack, he must use his memories, look for clues, and make links in his investigation. Michelle Monaghan¬†(‘Patriots Day’),¬†Vera Farmiga¬†(‘The Commuter’),¬†and Jeffrey Wright¬†(‘The Batman’)¬†are cast in the film. Producer and screenwriter Duncan Jones directed the film.

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Our fifth choice is a sports drama film starring Jake Gyllenhaal as a professional boxer. He is a light heavyweight champion who has had success both inside and beyond the squared circle. When a brawl breaks out following a news conference, his wife is unintentionally shot. He loses custody of his only daughter due to his grief, addictions, and suicidal thoughts. Banned from boxing for a year, he’s determined to restore his lost glory in the ring and win back his daughter.

Speaking about his training for the movie on The Howard Stern Show, Gyllenhaal admitted to not knowing anything about boxing and said it took him two months to get comfortable with the boxing speed bag.

‘Southpaw’¬†is directed by producer and actor Antoine Fuqua. He also directed¬†‘The Guilty’¬†(2021), which starred Gyllenhaal as the main protagonist. The film casts Rachel McAdams¬†(‘State of Play’), Forest Whitaker¬†(‘Arrival’),¬†Naomie Harris¬†(‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’),¬†Oona Laurence¬†(‘Lost Girls),¬†hip-hop¬†artist Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson, and singer-songwriter Rita Ora. Professional boxers Victor Ortiz and Roy Jones Jr. are also featured in the film.

The film score was composed by multiple award-winning composer and conductor, late James Horner, while hip-hop artist Eminem served as executive producer on the soundtrack.

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