TFword Premiere: Forbidden Society – Illusions

A label owner, producer, DJ and clothing brand creator, Czechia-based virtuoso Forbidden Society is a man of many talents. But there is one thing that puts him with the elites, and that is his ability to ace all the roles that he executes.

But the role that we are interested in, is Forbidden Society’s producer motif. Overlooking Czech’s Drum & Bass and Dubstep scene for more than two decades, Jindrich Brejcha has been responsible for consistently evolving, growing and reinvigorating the country’s bass music landscape.

Championing a style that is measured, fast-paced, and forward-thinking, but with an aggressive edge, Forbidden Society has released his uncompromising style of music on labels like Dyslexic Responses, Formosan Records and many more, but a wide majority of his discography has been fired up on his self titled imprint.

Founded in 2010 with the idea of centralizing his musical inspirations and then projecting it to the world, Forbidden Society Recordings has released music from heavyweights like Counterstrike, Emperor, Current Value, Agressor Bunx, T-Man, Katharsys to name a few.

While the label was belting out terrific music in 2021, the label chief was also on a run of releases with Emperor, T-Man, and Agressor Bunx. 2 years after his multi tempo album ‘Liminal Point’, Forbidden Society has now returned with his 5th studio album called ‘No Return’ on his self-titled imprint.

An outcome of his studio hours in the last two years, ‘No Return’  is one of the producer’s biggest projects yet. It is a sonic offering from the celebrated producer that explores his fast-paced and aggressive style of music that is suited for a club setting yet equally so for your aural pleasures.

From yet another multi tempo album from the producer, we are stoked to premiere ‘Illusions’. The track is a definitive classification of his sound that is brimming with energy, tight basslines, and hard-edged drums.

Out on 13th April 2022. Buy the album – HERE  

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