Mysteries We Found In One Piece

One Piece, a manga written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda has been running as a weekly Shonen for just over 25 years! And after spending hours on end watching this multi-faceted Shonen, our minds were blown. 

Not only is the world of One Piece beautifully rich, it’s also quite like ours; you see an unfair and unjust world slowly progress towards freedom! A show that’s quite often just looked at as one about pirates has a lot more going on! 

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A (Basic) One Piece Synopsis

The story follows a boy named Monkey. D. Luffy, who unintentionally consumes a Devil Fruit which made his body match the properties of rubber. He forms a crew of pirates called the Straw Hats and sets sail to the Grand Line, in search of the legendary ‘One Piece’ that will crown him King of the Pirates! 

Wonderful Lore 

 If you’ve watched past the time-skip, you might have realized how wonderfully the lore has been presented and kept hidden at the same time. One of the many things that piqued our interest was the ‘Void Century’ and how the World Government has successfully erased anything and everything related to a hundred-year-long period, 800 years ago!   

In Robin’s backstory, we learn an entire island called Ohara, which mainly consisted of archaeologists, was attacked and destroyed by the World Government. Learning or speaking of the ‘Void Century’ is considered to be treason. 

The siege of Ohara left one single survivor who had studied the language written on the mysterious Poneglyphs scattered around the world, and is the only person who can help find the ‘One Piece’. 

The author of One Piece has created many arcs that run parallel to each other, below we will show you how the story of One Piece slowly progresses but hints at many important events to come! 


What is beautiful and most impressive thing about One Piece is that the author already knows how the story will unfold! This means, Luffy can take as many detours as needed, but his destination will never change! 

With that being said, will, destiny, and a bit of luck seem to be important things in the One Piece world! Now if we mention this, you know that we are now going to add the Skypiea arc, where the Straw Hats face Enil, a cruel ‘god’ that controls electricity. 

Being one of the first main arcs to kick off the journey of the Straw Hats, this was the first time we saw a Poneglyph and Robin decipher it. The Poneglyph contains details of one of the three ancient weapons, Poseiden, and a message by Gol. D. Roger in the same language that told the finders to keep going forward! 

 Skypiea’s parallel arc comes much later, with the Straw Hat Pirates meeting after the time skip and making their way to Fish-man Island. They learn about how the world above has suppressed Fishmen and doesn’t let them live a peaceful life on land, while Robin finds another Poneglyph that introduces to a mysterious, but prominent figure during the Void Century, ‘Joy Boy

 The Poneglyph had been standing there for years and marked an apology of a promise not kept by Joy Boy to the people of Fishman island and Poseidon. The king of Fishman island further explains the promise the ancestors had kept was to protect Noah (a Large Boat) until a certain day arrives. We also learn the king’s daughter Shirahoshi is the reincarnation of Poseidon, who can speak to all the sea gods and command them. But when Gol. D Roger came to the island she wasn’t even born yet! 

Finally, Joy Boy

Now, what we know about Joy Boy is little, or almost close to nothing! The recent chapters in the manga have finally connected the dots we’ve been waiting for but we are not going to spoil anything. Although we will mention how Joy Boy has deeply been connected with Luffy, Gol. D. Roger, and how we feel will and destiny are forces hiding in the background! 

The biggest question we had while watching One Piece is, who is Joy Boy? To put it simply, Joy Boy was a prominent figure during the Void Century that lead or formed an alliance against the 20 nations that later formed the World Government and hid all historical moments from that period.

Somethings we should keep in mind while watching One Piece: Joy Boy is somehow related to the large straw hat found in Mariejois and the straw hat Luffy wears, while the D in the names of characters have a relation to the Void Century and yet to be uncovered. To us, Joy Boy felt more like a title rather than a person, and Luffy might just become Joy Boy, But it’s just speculation!

We’ll be covering more One Piece content, with theories flying around Reddit, YouTubers you should follow, and much more. If you haven’t watched One Piece, you are missing out on one of the best Shonen there is! We hope you enjoyed this piece and tune in next week for more One Piece buzz! 

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