Luffy’s Gear 5: The Hito Hito No Mi Model: Nika

Spoilers for One Piece watchers ahead! Luffy has unlocked Gear 5, and his Devil Fruit’s name is not the Gomu Gomu No Mi but rather a Mythical Zoan Fruit called the Hito Hito no mi Model: Nika.  

Below we’ll be sharing with you everything we know about the Human-Human fruit Model: Nika, along with events that foreshadowed Luffy’s awakening, and why the World Government tried to hide the true name of Luffy’s Devil Fruit!

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Chapter 1044 Quick Review

In chapter 1044, the Five Elders reveal to us the hidden name of the Gomu Gomu no mi, which is actually called Hito Hito (human-human) no mi Model: Nika. They further discuss how difficult it has been for the World Government to get its hands on and how it always seems to escape from them. 

(Not from Chapter 1044)

The very next panel of Luffy is sending what looks like his Gear 3, giant fists to grab Kaido by his tail to continue the fight and finish it for good! We finally see Luffy in Gear 5 punching Kaido back and forth, until Kaido tries to use his Blast Breath to counter, but Luffy picks the ground up and shields himself from Kaido’s attack! 

We then get a full image of Luffy in Gear 5, laughing and enjoying the battle, but Kaido apologies for the interruption of the CP-0 agent, saying he didn’t want to win like that. To Which Luffy replies “Don’t sweat it! Now, let’s finish this.” 

What Is Devil Fruit Awakening

To explain it simply, an Awakened Devil Fruit user can manipulate the surroundings that give them a significant power-up and an advantage while fighting against opponents even stronger. While Mythical Zoans don’t follow a certain type of Awakening, they can be very strong like Kaido and their Awakening powers can vary!

There are many Awakened Devil Fruit users like Marco, Aokiji, Kaido, and Big Mom, but we first heard Devil Fruit Awakening from Doflamingo who state that when Devil Fruit user are pushed to their limits, they Awaken hidden powers, which can help spread the range of attacks or even trap an opponent. 

Luffy’s Awakening and Powers

Was it a surprise? Yes and no. We’ve been getting hints that Luffy will unlock a new form ever since the Straw Hats arrived on The Land of Wano but we never expected Luffy to become a type of god, and never once did we think his Devil Fruit was or could be a Mythical Zoan. 

Hidden Well for over twenty-four years, Eiichiro Oda has finally revealed the Gear 5 transformation and Luffy’s true powers! Well not yet but soon, Luffy will defeat Kaido and then we can finally get to know everything about the ‘Void Century’ but for now, let’s talk about Luffy’s Gear 5. 

We know Gear 5 is Luffy’s ultimate attack now, a combination of all his gears but more. He has the power to change his surroundings, just like how we see Katakuri use his Awakened Devil Fruit powers. 

Now, has Luffy awakened his Devil Fruit? Yes, yes he has, and we learn from the Five Elders, the last time the Hito Hito no mi was awakened was 800 years ago; we are obviously going to call that person Joy Boy! 

We are not going to speculate how Luffy is going to use his powers, but it seems like only his imagination is the limit! He has shown viewers and readers, several times in the past, just how he uses his battle instincts. We see it first hand against Crocodile when Luffy stores water in his body to fight against a literal “Sand-man” and in Skypiea uses his rubber body as an advantage against the fake god of lightning, Enel.

We cannot wait for chapter 1045 to air, and we bet you guys can’t wait either! We will be covering One Piece weekly with various of topics to follow as well as chapter breakdowns. It will be quite an interesting journey! 

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