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TF Sound Selection is a series of articles giving you a glimpse of professional and consumer audio products used for music production, live performance, voiceovers, instrument recordings, and much more. Let us guide you to a “sound” decision! Below, we take a quick look at the Shure KSM8.

The Shure KSM8 Dualdyne™ Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone has a proprietarily designed dual-diaphragm technology, which, according to Shure provides unmatched control of proximity effect, presence peaks and bleed from the stage sound or ambient elements. It requires the least amount of EQ-ing and processing. To translate that into English (:P), unlike other common microphones, this microphone retains the tonality of the voice being captured even when the distance and direction between the source (in case of vocals, the mouth) and the microphone may fluctuate and differ, and also reduces the harshness of loud shouts or screams from a close range.

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It’s ideal for singers or sound engineers who are looking for an upgrade from previously using the Shure SM58. It has a similar cardioid pickup pattern, but is oodles better with the patented Dualdyne™ technology, really enriching the integrity of the incoming signal. From personal experience, I now regularly use the Shure KSM8 capsule with one part of the duo Sachet-Parampara, for Parampara Tandon. As soon as we shifted from our previous choice, the Shure Beta58A capsule, I noticed at the first gig itself that Parampara was able to control the nuances of her voice and deliver her vocals with a rock-solid confidence with the KSM8. Comfort zone achieved in the first few minutes of gig number 1! Impressive.

Sound Selection

It is available in forms of a usual corded version which can be used for live and studio purposes and also in form of a replacement capsule for pairing with their wireless handheld transmitters with various wireless microphone systems like AD4D (Axient) / UR4D (predecessor to the Axient) / ULXD / QLXD, and others. The KSM8 replacement capsule is handy for touring singers or sound engineers to carry around, who regularly use wireless mics for performances. It’s an easy way to enhance the quality of the vocals and travel light.

It’s probably one of the best vocal microphone capsules ever made, and is priced accordingly!
Price (Approx.):
Corded Microphone – $500
Replacement Capsule (model no.: RP174) – $583

We hope we contributed to your process of choosing the right gear. If there are any related products we could cover or you’d want to know about, please leave us a comment below. Make a “Sound” Selection!

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