TF Spotlight: Disaszt’s Return To Mainframe Recs

We had a chat with Austrian producer, Disaszt, who is making a return to his explosive production game after a brief hiatus on his Mainframe Recordings imprint.

After its foundational years in the United Kingdom during the early and the mid-90s, drum & bass started making its way into other parts of Europe. Three decades on and we have several artists pioneering the genre in their own right, and Austrian legend Disaszt is quite literally European Royalty. Having overseen the genre for over two decades, Disaszt started his drum & bass journey in 1998 when he teamed up with fellow Austrians Phazes and Dom.n.k to form the Bass Infection Crew.

Disaszt studio adventures began in 2002 with ‘Get It On’ and since then he has released his music on some of the biggest labels in the game, with a wide majority of releases coming on his Mainframe Recordings imprint.

What started as a club night turned into a label in 2008, and over the years, the label has been home to names like Camo & Krooked, Hybrid Minds, A.M.C, Fourward, Dossa & Locuzzed and many more!

After a brief hiatus from music production, Disaszt has returned to Mainframe for a tune that defines the explosive side of drum & bass that he has been championing for over two decades. We had a chat with the Austrian legend about his journey so far, his plans for the future and lots more.

Hey legend, how’s it going? How has the new year been for you so far?

Disaszt: Thank you, really good to be honest. I had the chance to finish a lot of music recently and I am preparing the comeback of the Mainframe Recordings Live Series in a New Location in Vienna. On the other side, I am integrating blockchain technology slowly into the company.

We’ll be honest; we missed the ‘In Your Face’ Mainframe sound dearly, and we are ecstatic that it’s all set to fire again. How is the feeling like for you?

Disaszt: I was going through my Vinyl Collection and tried to catch that certain feeling I had when I first listened to it before I actually purchased it. It is this goosebump-feeling when you realize you got yours hands on a new, lets say, “ Bad Company UK” release and already feel the direction it’s heading in.

That’s where I found my sound. The next few releases are pretty in your face and the goal is to keep this Mainframe-event-feeling in every tune.

It feels like a comeback, to be honest.

A tune that has the ‘PURE’ Mainframe schematics that we always look forward. What are your thoughts on the release?

Disaszt: My build ups are easy to mix and they should bang on the drop. That’s how I like it.

Having been a part of the European Drum & Bass scene for more than two decades and establishing a label that is one of the most respected imprints in D&B; how would you like to describe the journey?

Disaszt: What a ride! And a huge learning curve. You make a lot of mistakes, you burn down bridges, and you build new ones. You change your point of view to keep up with the good vibe. My biggest learning is the following… if you do it for the money it’s best to stop right there and find something else. It’s really about the inner drive that’s moved me all this time, so I questioned myself concerning those big questions.

Finally, it is about the community, the music and the spirit of drum and bass. It was a roller-coaster with various ups and downs, highs that you always want back or you’re trying to catch up with. This is the point where I try to go with the flow and stop rushing things.

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We’ve seen a plethora of fresh and innovative talent coming out of Europe in the last 10 years and a pool of talent that has now created its own identity. What are your thoughts on how the wider scene has progressed over the years?

Disaszt: I think it shows how healthy the Drum & Bass scene really is. They are trying new ways and you see that the old guns are helping them on the way up.

It is really refreshing to see all these new talents rising.

How does the year 2022 look like with your music and for Mainframe?

Disaszt: I can´t tell you right now what I have in my stash but what I can tell is that there is more to come. On the event side, I will go new ways and trying to push the boundaries once more. My line is: reduce it to the max and go with the flow.

5 tunes you are feeling at the moment?

Still  … Misanthrop – Feelings

This was the tune that accompanied me through the pandemic.

That’s it, that’s the tune.


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