The Celestial World of Cosmic House

The glories of mankind are revealed through cosmic house music. It’s a fusion of driving, mind-expanding deep house, afro and minimal house music from all over the electronic spectrum. Each track created has a different realm of its own. Therefore to take you on a journey beyond the universe,

We bring you these tunes from the world of cosmic house:

Ale Ale By Eran Hersh

Take a trip to the world beyond with this afro-inspired track. With hypnotic vocals and middle eastern roots, the track sets you free from all your worries. Eran Hersh has created a perfect peak-time tune with this.

Oxygen By SIN (Klangkarussell Remix)

Listen to this 12-minute tune and let it soak into your mind, soul, and body. It truly distributes ‘Oxygen’ everywhere it reaches, keeping the balance.

In the final breakdown, we reach what we call the point of no return.

Alkebulan By Ant LaRock & Roland Clark (David Mayer Remix)

This tune might feel like an ending, but is actually the beginning.

David Mayer’s remix incorporates the African vocal into rhythm, with off-beat snare hits driving the track forward while shakers stutter. The massive breakdown flows into a gorgeous drop that is wisely restrained from anything too overblown.

The FX in this track spins around your head as the lead riff pans around in an equally dizzying manner.

O Mera Dil By Mr. Raoul K (Auztin Pauers & Ezrael Remix)

One of the biggest sleeper hits is the arp which triggers our ear and we wait for the vocals to slowly emerge. Slow-burning and enigmatic, this track lights things up in all directions.

Palo Santo By Fiin

The low end talks about serious business here, but the melody surely gives us butterflies. There is no better way to showcase Poly Santo’s roots than with the percussion in this song.


Lasers, lights, and a darkroom are all you need to make this tune shine. A perfect thumper, this tune can make anyone’s blood boil.

The exertion you’re going to feel dancing to ‘Mezcal’ is sure to kill you.

Ecbatana By Lstn & Arya Noble

You can compare this tune to a person who is everywhere, but goes unnoticed. The ethnic vocals with the dopey kick transport us to the middle east while the breakdown enhances our minds.

Gobi By Tunnelvisions

This one is a bit more subdued. To finish on a silky note Tunnelvisions created an unforgettable midnight journey for us. A simple world of happiness is created in Gobi, just like its name.

Pamparis By Sébastien Léger

Sébastien Léger transforms this samba groove into gold with his “Midas touch”. You are provided with attention, comfort, and kindness for both mind and body during this relaxing mix.

Picture By Oliver Koletzki & Niko Schwind feat. Judith Ahrends (Fabian Krooss Remix)

Stil vor Talent’s Fabian Krooss justifies why he is where he is with this track.

He transforms the classic tune into an endlessly sleek, smooth-tongued delight of whirling electronics and enticingly hypnotic pop motifs – perfect for either sunrise or sunset limb-shaking with a loved one. You might even want to shed a tear or two.


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