Subp Yao’s Supreme Remixing Prowess

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen how Dutch producer Subp Yao operates his deep, pensive and intricate world of bass music through our ‘Artist Of The Month’ series.

Starting in 2011 and now having an enviable hold on a multitude of genres, Subp Yao is one of the most exciting producers in the bass music landscape. His ability to weave around different styles and tempos has pivoted Subp Yao to the fore of the genre.

With hip-hop being at the core of his production ethos, Subp Yao seamlessly blends the atmospheres and bone-crushing basslines from dubstep and UKG to create something that is fresh and forward-thinking. While his original productions have blown us away every time, there is a new Subp Yao release, another aspect that he has aced during his decade-long journey towards remixing prowess.

In this piece, we are going to list some of Subp Yao’s best remixes that need to be in your go-to playlist, in our opinion.


Starting with one of our favorite Subp Yao tracks, originals and reworks combined, HØST’s original track and Subp Yao’s remix is a match made in heaven. Two of the most exciting producers in the game on a single track, albeit in individual capacities, is a mouth-watering affair.

The track is educational to say the least. Subp Yao’s signature bass growls, complex beat structures and gusty atmosphere make it the ideal track for a laidback listen.

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This remix for American producer An-Ten-Nae is why we regard Subp Yao’s as one of our favorite producers. While maintaining his trademark components in the tune, Subp Yao takes the cinematic route along with the original’s ethnic touch to produce a breathtaking piece of music.

And once again, it was a blend of styles and tempos that we always love to see in Subp Yao’s music. This time, the Dutchman brought dubstep and half-time together to create magic.


Released about five years ago, this remix for Holier on Saturate Records is where we fell in love with Subp Yao’s music. It’s a style of music that can be seen in his recent releases like ‘Xiasha,’ but the bone-crushing tales of Subp Yao had begun in 2017 itself.

Measured aggression, once again a blend of different styles and the irresistible sub-bass. It’s a proper soul ripper when dropped in a club.


We’ll barely be able to stop if we start raving about this tune, so we’ll keep it short. Once again on Saturate Records, this remix came as a part of Dead End’s ‘Pure Vanilla’ album that was released in 2019.

‘Nwatystep’ is how a comment describes the remix and it’s hard to disagree. If you need a slice of charging and uplifting bass music with flapping basslines, this tune is where you need to arrive.


We are finally ending this list with a tune which still sounds fresh despite being released over 7 years ago, considering how rapidly changing the bass music environment is. For this remix, Subp Yao’s takes a rather mellow approach with a bumpy groove and makes a concoction of intense bass hip-hop and bass flavors.

With this, we end our ‘Artist Of The Month’ series with Subp Yao. We hope that you enjoyed diving deep into the Dutchman’s wobbly bass world as much as we did.


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