Five Games A Musician Like You Should Try

Games nowadays have many categories, some not so fun, some well-known games, and some games you might have not even heard of! W have explored the Xbox Game Pass and the Steam Store for games that no musician could resist! 

Below you will find a list of games that feature an exciting storyline that revolves around music, with stakes as high as any other game! If you’re a big music geek like us we urge you to try at least one of these games listed below! 

Beat Saber

Fancy an arcade styled game at home? Launched in 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Beat Saber is a virtual reality rhythm game set in a dark room that places you right in the middle with a type of lightsaber forcing you to slice the falling blocks. Every block you slice releases a note from a song the players have chosen to play and each level gets harder as the song begins to play faster along with the blocks. It’s a super addictive game and extremely fun to play with family and friends. 

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Guitar Hero

 Ever felt the need to live that dream of being the lead rock guitarist in a band? Well, Guitar Hero lets you do exactly that! With over a hundred different songs that span 10-11 minutes long, Guitar Hero makes you feel like you are a part of your favorite band playing alongside the bands drummer, bass guitarist and lead vocalist. Players get an external guitar with six buttons on it’s neck that play chords, the guitar connects to your console or pc with the screen displaying which note you have to play. People have gone ahead and set insanely high score for you to try and beat, and for a guitar enthusiast, this is treasure! 

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A Musical Story

 A Musical Story is quite different from the one we’ve mentioned above, but not in a bad way! The game takes place in the 70’s, conveying the story of a musician known as Gabriel. The story is told to us with a great mix of 70’s rock with lo-fi beats on loop that always play in the background, which makes the gameplay a very unique experience. To complete the game players can take up to 2-3 hours, but if you try playing all chapters to perfection the gameplay time increases to 4-5 hours while also featuring various puzzles, interesting mini-games, and much more. 

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The Artful Escape

If you’ve missed out on a masterpiece like The Artful Escape, this is a gentle reminder for youto buy the game! The game follows a young teenage boy who sets out on a psychedelic journey to perfect his musical talents and leave his uncle’s name and legacy behind to carry out his own, and learn from past folk legends and draw inspiration from them to find himself! The story features vast landscapes that could puzzle one’s mind, while also having intergalactic species, many more out-of-the-world things, and obviously a lot of folk music with guitar solos that will keep buzzing in your head!

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No Straight Roads

 Wanna see the power of rock defeat an entire empire of EDM? No Straight Roads is an action-adventure, role-playing game where players can take control of two band members ready to bring out their music to the world of EDM. The game obviously features numerous numbers of rock & roll tracks, but the world around you is as interesting and colorful. With Neon color shining on your face, and laser lights beaming across your screen, the game truly make the city of Vinyl alive even while playing in third-person perspective! 

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We hope you enjoyed our list of five games that a musician would love to try. Don’t forget to come back next week for more gaming and music content! Until then, get gaming!

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