Delta Heavy Announce New Self-Titled Label

It is a great time to be a drum & bass head right now. There is great music coming from across the board and from every corner of the world.

A major contributing factor in the genre’s success in the last two decades are the labels that are championing the genre. The last 10 years alone have seen a serious rise in the number of imprints coming to life from some of the biggest artists in the game like Spectrasoul, Alix Perez, Lenzman and many more.

2022 has seen a plethora of drum & bass labels like Kimyan Law’s Plus Plus Plus Music, Kyrist’s Kynetic Sound, French DnB pioneers Bobby & Elisa Do Brasil’s Vahana Records, Charlie Tee’s Total Records, New Zealand’s One Eighty Records from the SUB180 crew, and Metalheadz’s Techno label Headzstate.

Now just over a week after Camo & Krooked and Mefjus’ new label Modus’ announcement, we have another legendary drum & bass act revealing their imprint. The explosive duo Delta Heavy have now announced their self-titled imprint which sets a new phase in motion for the acclaimed artists.

Combining their love of cinematic soundscapes, house, techno and the 80s with the impact and punch of an unexpected blow to the face, Delta Heavy have cemented their name as one the titans of dancefloor drum & bass with appearances on the biggest label in the genre.

The monstrous catalogue includes two critically acclaimed albums that were a multi-tempo offering that the duo has been releasing in the last few years, and their self-titled label affirms their penchant to take the ‘In Your Face’  assuming control of the sound they believe in through their label.

This news comes hot on the heels of their latest strip of releases on UKF which included ‘Heartbeat’, ‘Work It’ and ‘Feel’- which gained over 100,000 streams in one week alone and currently has 3.7m total streams. The imprint launch is set to be a huge success amongst the duo’s ever-growing, loyal, and engaged fan base which boasts close to a million listeners on Spotify and YouTube combined.

To celebrate the announcement of their label, Delta Heavy has released ‘Ascend’, a tune which comes straight from the duo’s festival sized drum & bass playbook, and it also offers a sneak peek into what we can expect from the label in the coming years.


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