5 Things That Will Improve Your Aim In FPS Games

Are you new to playing strategic first-person-shooter games? Well don’t worry, below we have compiled a list of five tips and tricks to help you significantly improve your aim in any FPS game! 

If you’ve just started playing games like CS:GO or Valorant and had a tough time getting kills because of your aim, don’t worry! We have made a list of aim-trainers like Aim Labs, hardware you need, as well as some tips that are super important! 

Aim Labs

Aim Labs is an aim-trainer that helps you learn crosshair placements, tracking your enemies, and many more exercises that you should do before you boot up your game. Aim Labs is supported by many first-person-shooter games and each game has their own set of warm-ups and exercises for you to do! 

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Crosshair Placements

 Crosshair placements are one of the most important things to learn in any FPS games, it makes it easier to kill the enemy that randomly comes in front of you with a simple headshot. Usually aim-trainers like Aim Labs does not help with this rather, map knowledge and experience will help you overcome this hurdle!

Mouse Sensitivity

Ever felt like you’ve over-swung an angle or while aiming you completely miss your target by over-swinging or under-swinging? This usually is never your fault and has a lot to do with your mouse sensitivity. Keep tweaking your sense until you find one that works with you, lower sensitivity (400-800) is always recommended as it’s more precises but if you don’t have enough space on your desk high sensitivity is the way to go! 

Do Not Run Into Angles

Leave the SHIFT+W key, you don’t need it! Running is always faster and looks sick but that has a drastic impact on whether you’ll win or lose the coming gun-fight. Running usually slows down the animation of you scoping to kill the enemy while also exposing your body a lot more than you think. Overall running is in a game like Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege, and even CS:GO is something you should avoid. 

Better Hardware

If you’ve played on 60fps before you’ve probably experienced dying to a ghost! That is simply because the person has peaked an angle really fast and your laptop or PC wasn’t able to gather the pixels needed to show the enemies body. Playing on more fps will really help in facing enemies that are mechanically good but your frames per second isn’t the only thing! You should regularly clean your table, mouse pad, and open your pc up to remove the dust around the fan for better cooling as a cooler CPU will give you more FPS!

We hope this list helped you win your ranked games and helped you further understand what your next upgrade should be to your PC setup. Expect more gaming content from us as we have a lot planned out for the near future! 

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