5 Racing Simulators You Should Try

This week we have compiled a list of sim-racing games that feature various types of races, including off-roading, drag-racing, and even give players the ability to free-roam with their friends online! Below are our recommendations for racing simulators that you should try!

Racing games have evolved a lot through time. We first simply had joysticks that became your computer’s W, A, S, and D keys, and now we can actually have an entire racing simulator with a steering wheel, gears, and pedals at home. 

Below you will find our picks of five racing simulators, some of which you will find in our list of Games Like series.

F1 2021

 If you’ve wanted to experience what it feels like to be an F1 driver, F1 2021 lets you do exactly that! Keeping track of your tire pressures, your fuel intake, and managing your team to win the championship, this racing-sim has a lot to offer. Make your own character, join a team, and compete for the title of Champion against legends such as Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

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Dirt Rally 2.0 

 We get it, it’s boring to simply drive a car on a track or on a straight long road. You want some twists, drifts, and airtime. We have just the game for you! Dirt Rally 2.0 is what you call the pinnacle of off-road racing simulators. Get ready at the start-line and keep your ears open! You have a co-driver who will update and give you all the information you need about the road ahead. All you have to do is listen to his instructions, keep the car on the road, and set a new time record!

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Gran Turismo Sport 

 If you are already familiar with real-life tracks, cars, and all the upgrades you could possibly need to get faster, Gran Turismo Sport is what you need! You have over a hundred and fifty cars to race against your friends, as well as fifty-four different tracks inspired by real-life tracks. Gran Turismo Sport is also one of the only games in this list that can be played split-screen with friends and family and online! 

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Project Cars 2

 Project Cars 2 is the game you need if you have a steering wheel! When you miss hitting the apex while turning at the speed of 120 miles per hour, you will feel the burning of rubber and loss of traction ahead! With a wide range of cars, tracks, and customizable controls, Project Cars 2 is by far the best simulator we have listed here. You have dynamic time and weather, and forcing each player to suddenly face a snowy storm or a beautiful sun set. You have the option to use supercars, GT cars, go karts, and many more. Explore Project Cars 2; it’s a gem for a gear-head! 

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Assetto Corsa Competizione

 Assetto Corsa Competizione is in a league of its own. It will punish you for not stopping in the pit lane, and you will have to watch your tire pressure, fuel intake, and everything else for a smooth ride! Starting at the back of the line in pretty much every race, the weather could sometimes be in your favor… or not. However, the AI in Assetto has improved over time, and players can now fight for their positions even at turns and steep corners without the AI pushing them off the track! Many aspects of the game play are similar to Project Cars 2, but do not hold the same expectations!

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With that, we have ended the list of our picks of the best racing simulators you can get right now! We hope this list helped you, and if you’d like to see a list of games similar to Forza Horizon 5: Click here.




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