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TF Sound Selection is a series of articles giving you a glimpse of professional and consumer audio products used for music production, live performance, voiceovers, instrument recordings, and much more. Let us guide you to a “sound” decision! Below, we take a quick look at the sE Electronics V7.

Boasting of their V series of microphones, “Reliable, rugged and roadworthy meets lush, vibrant and musical,” sE Electronics really meant what they said with the performance of the V7 microphone and its wireless portable replacement capsule. The V7 capsule can be pushed to the limits and has a near-to-unbelievable level of gain before feedback. That means that it can be quite/very loud on your floor monitors or the PA system without that annoying feedback or distortion.

Sound Selection

As compared to other super-cardioid microphones in its class like the Shure Beta 58A or the Sennheiser e945, the sE Electronics V7 fares much better, be it a huge stage with loud monitoring or a crammed-up metal show in a little nightclub. It has a crisp and open sound with its newly patented Integrated Shock Mount, which enables the exclusion of rumbles, pops and handling noise.

When the V7 burst on to the live music scene a few years ago, and how, sound engineers like Ken “Pooch” Van Druten (FOH Engineer for Linkin Park, Justin Bieber), Andy Meyer (FOH Engineer for Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Rage Against The Machine), Drew Thornton (FOH + Mix Engineer for Billie Eilish) and many more were singing praises and were rejoicing that there came along a worthy vocal microphone that sounded richer than the industry standard Shure SM58.

The sE Electronics V7 is available in a few different forms – the standard V7 corded microphone, V7 BFG (a limited edition version created in collaboration with Billy F. Gibbons of ZZ Top), V7 MC1 (replacement capsule for Shure Wireless handheld microphone transmitters) and V7 MC2 (replacement capsule for Sennheiser Wireless handheld microphone transmitters).

Sound Selection

It’s been about 4 years now, approximately, that I have been carrying around the robust sE Electronics V7 MC1 replacement capsule, and occasionally the V7 MC2 as well, and it has honestly made my vocal mix noticeably better. The amount of rejection of loud or ambient elements and the kind of tonal integrity that it helps maintain in the vocals is really a factor I miss when I use most other microphones. Over the years, I have used my V7 capsules for artists such as Dev Negi, Sukriti Sen (from Prem Joshua & Band), Anand Bhaskar Collective, Gaurav Dagaonkar; and more recently, the likes of indie sensations like Anuv Jain and Zaeden (who has a V7 MC1 himself), and Sachet Tandon – one half of music director power-duo Sachet-Parampara. Especially with Zaeden and Sachet, it was a match from day 1 of working with each of them, and is most probably going to stay that way!

For the kind of superior vocal texture that can be achieved with this beauty of a microphone, the price is an absolute steal!
Price (Approx.):
Corded Microphone – $99
Replacement Capsule – V7 MC1 (for Shure Wireless) – $120
Replacement Capsule – V7 MC2 (for Sennheiser Wireless) – $120

We hope that this was helpful in giving you the information you need to choose the right gear. If there are any such related products we could cover or you’d want to know about, please leave us a comment below. Make a “Sound” Selection!

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