Venue Spotlight: Mia Restaurant & Beach Club, Tulum

Looking for a bohemian and relaxed atmosphere that’ll make you kick your feet up and forget life’s worries? The answer is Mia Restaurant & Beach Club!

Mia Restaurant & Beach Club is placed between coconut palms and white sands in Mía Tulum. The venue opened its doors in 2017 and has since become a place that is known to “harmoniously combines a beach club, a signature international cuisine restaurant, a private lounge, a pizza restaurant and The Club.”

It has a heavenly space surrounded by breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea. Mia Restaurant & Beach Club is strategically located in a prime location within ??the hotel zone of Tulum, where you can always find something to do. Ever since its inception, the venue has seen constant change and evolution. It does this in order to make travelers from all over the world fall in love with its elements. The nest and the wooden tunnel mark the entrance to a place that will make you feel like you’re in a movie!

“From music events with renowned DJs, special nights with bohemian music, wine, tequila, mezcal and craft beer tastings, dinners with guest chefs and of course private events such as weddings and special celebrations,” states their website. We’ll talk about the venue today, so if you’re looking to know more about Mia Restaurant & Beach Club, read on!


The flavors in Mia Restaurant’s kitchen have been created to surprise and satisfy international palates. It includes flavors from around the world along with the highest quality ingredients and the right drinks that will make your day! Your visit to Mia will be full of gastronomical experiences that will accompany you throughout your stay and beyond.

Mia Restaurant offers you a jolly good time at any time of the day! In the morning you can go to the restaurant to be greeted by the beautiful view of the sea. Mia’s cuisine in the mornings is characterized by its homemade flavor, which will help those missing the taste of home. This includes freshly baked bread, fruit, fresh coffee, and freshly prepared juices. “Our recommendation is the Mía eggs and the cecina sope,” states their website.

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What is more satisfying than enjoying well-prepared fresh fish at the beach? Accompany that with white wine while Mia brings you course after exquisite course! The lunch menu was designed for you to enjoy Mexico from its homegrown flavors. You will find tacos, aguachiles, ceviches, molcajetes, and delicious international dishes for lunch.

To turn your night into something that’ll give the day a run for its money, the atmosphere of the Mia restaurant is transformed to be illuminated by candlelight! It is a warm and welcoming bohemian atmosphere! According to Mia Restaurant & Beach Club’s website: “You can enjoy alone or in the company of the dishes that have distinguished the personality of our international haute cuisine.”

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Delight yourself with Mia’s creations, such as scallops with champagne risotto. There are meuniere mussels, mere Morita miso, and the favorite of their customers – the short rib. Dining at the Mia restaurant is definitely a high-end experience, and you can ask your waiter for the cocktail of the day or the pairing recommendation suggested by their Sommelier.

As we all know, the ideal meal has the perfect ending! You MUST try the international desserts with a Mexican flavor that Mia’s pastry chef prepares, as recommended by the restaurant. It completes your lunch or dinner in an incomparable way.

Transporting you to Naples from Tulum through the taste of Mia’s authentic Italian pizza is The Pizza Garden, which is a fun and casual atmosphere. Their pizzas are thin, with a crispy edge and a soft hand-pressed base. “Fresh tomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil, and mozzarella cheese, Chef Stefano knows perfectly how to make you feel at home,” the restaurant wrote on their website. Check out The Pizza Garden if you visit Mia!


Yes, you read that right! There’s a VIP Room at Mia Restaurant & Beach Club too! If you’re looking to host an intimate gathering, this one is for you! According to Mia’s website, there is a private room which is a new space located on the first floor of the property. It is equipped with air conditioning and cozy Moroccan-inspired décor with the ideal space for intimate dinners, special celebrations, and wine tastings. The VIP room has a limited capacity of 20 people.


Now that you’ve learned all about the restaurant and food at Mia, let’s move on to wines! Emphasizing the products of the local land and safeguarding it, the Mia Restaurant offers enigmatic cocktails that tell stories about harmony.

“If you have doubts about the best pairing, the house sommelier Rafael Pelissier can guide you through our cellar and recommend wines with unique, complex flavors and seductive aromas, we invite you to join us in our passion for wine,” states the Mia Restaurant website.

The wine cellar at the Mia Restaurant & Beach Club has become one of the venue’s main attractions. It is guaranteed to become the highlight of your stay, housing more than 300 labels from 12 different countries. These include Argentina, Chile, the United States, Australia, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, New Zealand, Portugal, and of course Mexico.

Mia invites you to join them in their passion for wine with two experiences developed around the wine that is a must! The first is the pairing dinner, during which the restaurant’s sommelier works to accompany Mía’s flagship dishes with the indicated wine and highlights each bite.

“Our Head Sommelier Rafael Pelissier can guide you through our cellar and recommend wines with unique, complex flavors and seductive aromas,” Mia writes on their website.

The second experience is the Wine Festival, a party that takes place during the second half of the year.

Mía invites “oenologists and sommeliers to learn about the new proposals that are being developed nationally and internationally” with their already renowned festival, accompanied by music, entertainment, and canapés.

The Beach Club

Finally, we get to The Beach Club, which some may enjoy more than the other locations on the property! Imagine the wind caressing the palm trees, the swaying of turquoise blue waves, natural elements combine to connect with a space of tranquility, making it a paradise for beach lovers. Now, imagine celebrating your bachelorette here!

You can celebrate the bachelorette party at Mía, courtesy of their in-house coordinator, who is guaranteed to help curate the event of your dreams. They will make your celebration uniquely yours, starting with a day at the beach in the best atmosphere. There will be DJ music, body painting, hookahs, and more. Top this off by dancing in the sand, easily amongst the best party experiences in all of Tulum.

For those that prefer swimming in pools, you can choose to do just that! The pool is designed to be the ideal space to enjoy the calm and the sea breeze surrounded by the great company, still giving you the best of Tulum.


A team of mixologists at Mia Restaurant & Beach Club is ready to satisfy your cocktail expeditions, curated to your unique tastes! Drinks on the menu include citrus, smoked and fruity aromas. They are accompanied by the best distillates and premium liquors.

This restaurant stands out for being the place with the largest number of craft beers in Tulum and delves into the adventure by trying Mia’s selection of beers: Pilsner, Ipa, Pale Ale, Stout, and more.

In Mia, you will find a wide selection of distillates. These include the most recognized premium brands such as Mezcal Sabios de Lua gran reserva, Tequila Clase Azul ultra añejo Ron Matusalem 23 years, and Whiskey Bushmills 21 years, among others.


We just spoke about bachelorettes, right? Well, you can even celebrate your weddings here!

“With magical settings by nature, the jungle with its abundant vegetation and the Caribbean Sea with starry sunsets, make Tulum the best destination to celebrate your Wedding,” Mia states by setting a wonderful picture for a celebration of love and union. This venue has an area of ??400 square meters. Mía Tulum offers the ideal place for the most special celebration with a capacity of up to 200 people.

For a ceremony by the sea, Mia’s wedding planners go hand in hand with you. They support you step by step in the creation of a unique event. The wedding planners will help prepare for civil, ethnic, symbolic, and/or Mayan wedding ceremonies. Whilst your guests enjoy a cocktail on the beach, you can have your dream photo session at sunset and a party that will start with a delicious banquet in the moonlight. You will celebrate your union in a setting that no one will forget!

“We are the only place that does not charge location rent and our coordination team is included in the hiring of your wedding,” states their website.

The entire team at Mia joins forces to make all of your celebrations at the venue memorable! Apart from bachelorettes and weddings, these include romantic dinners, rehearsal dinners, marriage proposals, vow renewals or anniversaries.


It goes without saying that if you’re at a beach club, you’re going to put your feet in the sand and dance your heart out as Mia invites “you to live a multi-sensory sound experience, tribal, electronic and acoustic rhythms come together to create an incomparable environment.” There are special elements of mapping, performance and body painting that will make you experience the best Tulum-style parties with the club being a space that brings fans of electronic music together. Each party at Mia has a unique atmosphere.

“From emerging and experimental talents to renowned international DJs such as ArtBat, Black Coffee, Bob Moses, HVOB, WhoMadeWho, Hernan Cattaneo, Oliver Koletzki, Colyn, Mind Against, Age of Time, Paul Oakenfold, Adana Twins, Pablo Fierro, Be Svendsen, Satori, Lee Burridge, Maga, Monolink, Stavroz, among others, come to The Club to vibrate and live the best experience of Mia Tulum beach party,” states Mia Tulum.


Mía Tulum is the perfect space for a variety of celebrations, as we mentioned before, since it is characterized as a space for parties, joy and constant celebration. It is the relaxed, casual and easily the most ideal space to celebrate birthdays, bachelorette parties, cocktails, incentive groups and rehearsal dinners.

“Our team of coordinators at home will help you explore the different options and areas with different atmospheres for your special celebration,” assures Mia Tulum, in order to offer you a beautiful celebration of your happiness!

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