Tulum Crypto Fest 2022 – First Ever Event by Tulum Crypto Club

On the cusp of the Tulum Crypto Club’s first-ever Crypto Fest, we take a look at the keynote speakers, events, activities, the crypto club itself and proceedings of the three-day event held from May 13 – 15, 2022. This premiere event will bring together crypto, blockchain, web3, music, art, and entertainment in Tulum – located on the coastline of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula.

The event will be held at the Papaya Playa Project, a sustainable boutique hotel, and is ticketed by The Ticket Fairy. A portion of the proceeds from the event will go to a local charity that is building schools for Mayan children.

Tulum Crypto Club

Immanuel Cape, a motivational speaker and crypto enthusiast, co-founded the club in January 2021. He will be the one to kick off and host this one-of-a-kind crypto festival. Since the club’s inception, the number of members has been steadily increasing. It now includes multiple people from many countries who have settled in Tulum.

Every Wednesday at the Cleo Tulum Restaurant on Pocna Beach, the group of speakers and crypto enthusiasts gather for educative financial sessions in the world of crypto, NFT, blockchain, web3, and other topics. In addition to making money, the club partakes in NFT projects to improve its quality and provide more value to its members. All around Tulum, there are boutiques, NFT galleries, real estate agencies, and other establishments that accept bitcoin as a currency.

Tulum Crypto Club also places a strong emphasis on a green and eco-friendly approach to cryptocurrency. They focus on simplicity rather than luxury. A ‘cosmic cat – from the future’ can be found on the streets. It is a structure that was created to educate children about the need to recycle. Each Cosmic Cat is handcrafted, and proceeds will benefit Tulum’s street cats. People who deposit plastic in these structures are rewarded with bitcoin tokens.

The Tulum Crypto Club will host the first crypto festival at the Papaya Playa Project. It will be about art, music, and entertainment, in addition to being a conference. Host and organizer Immanuel Cape has described the festival on cryptocurrency trading exchange channel Bybit as “Burning Man for Crypto.”

Crypto Fest

The festival’s website describes it as “an immersive experience designed to connect the physical, digital, and spiritual worlds.” The three-day event begins on 13 March and will feature keynote speakers, insightful discussions, NFT art installations, and wellness activities. Crypto fest will commence with welcome cocktails in Downtown Tulum on Thursday evening. The events will take place in various areas of the venue, including the Theater and the Beach Club.

The keynote speakers throughout the fest include Francesca Martina – Founder of More Women in Crypto, Robin Delisser – Bitcoin Ambassador to the U.S. for the Bitcoin Association, Tessa Leffall – Project Manager of VaynerNFT, Zac Safron – Head of Investor Relations of MiningStore, Henry Cejudo – Mexican UFC World Champion, and The Ticket Fairy’s Co-founder & CEO, Ritesh Patel.

The esteemed panel of speakers will share valuable information on the metaverse, web 3, tokenomics, NFT, real estate tokenization, digital art, live minting, and more. The event will also feature a variety of performers, NFT artists, installations, exhibits, painters, and dancers. You can check out the entire schedule and program listed on their website by clicking here.

Activities at The Crypto Fest

There will be a variety of activities and exhibits for attendees in addition to the informative discussion on the metaverse and web3. A traditional Mayan opening ceremony and a full moon celebration, yoga sessions, relaxing massages, ice baths, tarot readings, cocktails and art events, and DJ sessions by Los Alchemist, Jpool, Eli Fola, and Linda Romanazzi are just a few of the activities planned for across the three-day event.


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