Noisia Wave Farewell With ‘Closer’

The day drum & bass heads have been dreading for nearly two years has finally arrived. After two full decades of giving us groundbreaking music, Noisia has parted ways, but they have done so with one final blitz called ‘Closer’.

After inspiring two full generations of producers and fans alike with their innovative brand of bass music, the trio of  Nik Roos, Martijn van Sonderen, and Thijs de Vlieger announced that the group would split at the end of 2020 with a final Noisia tour.

Those plans were quashed due to the outset of the pandemic and now after nearly 3 years, the Dutch trinity have bid goodbye to the scene after a run of sold-out shows across Europe with the final leg of their ‘Noisia Invites’ being at the iconic Melkweg Amsterdam. Along with their shows, Noisia also announced a surprise album last month which they felt was the ideal way to bid adieu and the final show as we expected, is extraordinary.

The extended lifespan of the trio due to COVID, and the continuing evolution of their studio led to the idea of a third and final act, and ‘Closer’ will be their final swansong that would seal their place in electronic music history.

The 20 tunes-strong tracklist, 11 new songs and 9 previously released tracks include collaborations with some of their closest friends, from Skrillex to Black Sun Empire, and Former to The Upbeats, which form an international group of seminal bass music figures from Europe, New Zealand, and North America.

The album begins with a collaboration with Austrian wizards Nova’ for a long and gripping drum & bass marvel. Shibuya Pet Store with The Upbeats takes the third spot in the album which is followed by a steaming roller with Noisia’s Dutch compatriot, IMANU called ‘Shift’. One of their favourite collaborators, Skrillex teams up again for an emotional feels-lifter along with a VIP of their 2021 banger, ‘Supersonic’.

‘Told You’, Scrapped, ‘Shutters’, ‘The Hole Pt.1’ and the title track come as the Noisia only productions in the album. Black Sun Empire, Mefjus and Halogenix come together with Noisia for 3 belting drum & bass rollers. Their Division Recordings protege Former features in two tracks. Noisia’s label regulars Posij and Phace also give their elaborate touch on tunes like ‘Simplon’ and Deep Down’.

‘Closer’ is a thrilling snapshot of where the band might have gone if they were to continue beyond their collective musical journeys, and gives their fans access to some hidden gems that have remained in the trio’s vaults until now.

Alongside the release of ‘Closer’, Noisia have also revealed that they’ll be releasing further instalments of their unreleased music in the ‘Resonance‘ series featuring remixes by the best and brightest of their extensive back catalogue. Keep aye on their socials for more details.

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