Fortnite: Zero Build Battle Royale Out Now!

Fortnite fans, have you tried out the new Zero Build Battle Royal? Well, we have, and it’s nothing like the Fortnite you’re used to! We’ve all come across master builders that build a wall and shield themselves from gunfights. Zero Build takes that away. 

Fortnite’s Zero Build is a tactical version of the battle royal we’re all used to seeing, having removed the building aspect of the game entirely! Don’t worry though, players have a recharging shield to replace the building as cover, and players also have the ability to mantel, which gets them to high-ground to battle and get an advantage on enemies!

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Now, Fortnite is meant to be a battle fought in a creative and fun world that consists of magic, weapons, and more. In Zero Build, you’ll find potions that heal you, increase your stamina, and even recharge your selected ability faster. Let’s not forget about the vast number of weapons you can find anywhere! You aren’t always alone on your journey to be victorious. Zero Build allows players to form a group of three to face enemies, communicate, distribute ammo, and much more.

If you’ve played games like Apex Legends and yet don’t find Fortnite appealing, you are certainly missing out! Fortnite is quite fun with its building and collecting, various choices in weapons, and let’s not forget the funny emotes that are also present in Zero Build.

One of the greatest things about Fortnite is that it’s free and anyone can just make an account with Epic Games and claim their free games! Not only do you get Fortnite, but they have games that come in weekly for free, including a list of mainstream and Triple-A titles.

Tune in next week for more gaming content. We have a lot more planned for you!


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