Venue Spotlight: Papaya Playa Project, Tulum

If you love beaches, jungles and all things nature, you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful experience at Papaya Playa Project! Enjoy the setting and its sights by unwinding and connecting with yourself and the earth in one of Tulum’s spotlight venues.

Last week, we spoke about Mia Restaurant and Beach Club, let’s talk about the Papaya Playa Project today.

The venue is beautifully dotted along the beach and nestled in the jungle giving you a thrilling experience of our mother Earth. Papaya Playa’s special charm is in the simplicity of the rooms and the resort’s restaurant overlooking the azure waters. While dining, you can enjoy locally sourced specialties. Sip on drinks and enjoy delicious snacks along the beach that are served from late morning until late evening at the resort’s beach club.

To relieve stress and reduce any muscle soreness or tension, the best way to relax would be to get massages and beauty treatments! While you are doing this, you can also enjoy yoga, tai chi, and meditation to get the best of your tranquil stay at Papaya Playa!

The design of the hotel at Papaya Playa Project “evokes the traditional Mayan way of building” and they “adopted “Chukum,” a technique used by the Maya to cool the interiors of buildings made principally with the resin of a tree with the same name,” states Papaya Playa Project. “This is used on the palapas, as well as on the interiors as an insulation system.”

Papaya Playa Project’s architecture is functional and simple. It uses local traditions and allows visitors to interact more with nature. Its interiors are designed by employing local traditional materials and textiles used by the Mexican natives from different regions.

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How can you fulfill your wishes of relaxing in a perfect blend of natural luxury and sophistication without living in casitas at Papaya Playa? These casitas have relaxing views of the ocean that make you appreciate nature with unique rooms and houses built with local materials and construction techniques. It features an intimate dipping pool mere steps away from the Caribbean ocean. Feels like a dream, right? Cut out any negativity there is in your life at Papaya Playa with its rounded walls that allow positive energy to flow.

The loft is perfect for couples or people who are looking for an exclusive getaway to spend some quality time with their lovers. It is an intimate, comfortable, and unique space (called the Casita loft) featuring a large terrace. An amazing addition to this is a private pool where no one can disturb you – it’ll be just you, your lover, and spectacular views!

Low footprint impact, huts cocooned in the jungle, surrounded by the lush vitality of the jungle, the Cabaña at Papaya Playa takes us back to classic Tulum. It is only a few steps away from the beach, and these units are equipped with air conditioning. Enjoy your comfort in these natural handcrafted and relaxing ocean views that are charming and intimate. Organic amenities are another brilliant feature!

Freshly prepared breakfast is a splendid start to your day, with it proceeding to lunches and dinners that celebrate our world’s rich gastronomy. On the menu, there are Mediterranean, Mexican, Latin-American, and local fares prepared with fresh ingredients. You are guaranteed to enjoy a unique dining experience in a romantic secluded spot in Papaya Playa Project. That’s not all! Special menus, picnic baskets, beach dining, or a private chef can all be arranged at the venue.

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Finding tranquility, connection with nature and one another over a sunset dinner, or lounging in your very own infinity pool is heaven made possible on earth by Papaya Playa with its Casa Palapa.

Are you looking to enjoy a space together of your own with no distractions or disturbances? This villa is best for a time filled with fun and frolic with groups of friends or families. Its architecture is combined with ancient Mayan building techniques and contemporary decoration and furniture. Here, one can enjoy a private sunset dinner or watch the sunrise together with your partner, family, or friends. Lounging in your very own infinity pool is a treat for the guests at the villa! This is the perfect venue for an intimate barefoot-style wedding as well.

These homes feature large wooden doors that serve as the gateway to living spaces that open onto a private deck, pool, and explosive ocean view offering a magical experience! These spaces are also perfect for meditation, yoga, or simply stargazing. All these features of Papaya Playa allow the guests to be in touch with nature and its elements.

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If you’ve ever dreamed of living in houses on the beach like something from your favorite movie or television series with stunning ocean views, spacious outdoor lounges, and a kitchen, then Casa Viento is for you! It is specially designed to offer privacy for you to make unforgettable memories.

Wellbeing, arts and consciousness program; sunset seaside pranayama and breathwork, and the beach club, among other exciting activities can help you have time of your life at Papaya Playa Project!

Papaya Playa Project calls itself “a hub for various intercultural and community events in the region such as the Opera Maya, the Riviera Maya Film Festival, and much more.” Music has been a key element from the start of Papaya Playa’s project. “We are pleased to share with you a collection of music recordings and playlists by our resident DJs and international guests,” states Papaya Playa Project.

Find the collection of music: HERE

Prominent guest DJs and musicians offer an unforgettable weekend as you dance your hearts out to their amazing tunes and celebrate!

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“The name Papaya Playa Project is congruent with our mission to constantly seek to improve our natural surroundings, our community, and ourselves. We have therefore put into action ambitious sustainability and social responsibility project to lead a more conscious operation and to inspire others to do the same,” states Papaya Playa.

In July 2015, Papaya Playa launched its mission to achieve a zero-emissions and zero contamination community. The resort has retained a commendable 93% of the original jungle, which compares to the norm in the region of just 5%. 30% of this is just the local environmental regulation.

The hotels here commit to the highest standards even as much as assuring the water in which guests bathe has the highest quality. They use the lowest energy consumption for the treatment of this water. Papaya Playa uses the latest environmentally friendly technology to transform drinking water. This technology uses less energy for processing than typical systems. In addition to this, the pool water, too, uses fewer chemicals and energy.

Papaya Playa’s food is locally grown wherever possible. It comes from organic gardens. Its grounds boast an existing cashew nut orchard with 150 banana and coconut trees. Papaya Playa is “planning to revitalize the soil naturally with micro-nutrients and organic fertilizers to revive the soil throughout the plantation while adding more trees.”

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