Five Battle Royal Games You Should Try!

For this week, we have compiled a list of five of the best battle royal games for you to play with your friends, and they’re all free! Below, you will find games like Apex Legends, Fortnite, and many more. 

We’ve all played a little bit of CS: GO and Valorant and have eventually gotten bored and needed to find something new. This list contains games that will keep you entertained with close to a hundred enemies ahead of you to face! 

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout 

Click here to get Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

The only game in our list that doesn’t involve guns, looting and isn’t free yet, but will be on June 21, 2022. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a massively multiplayer battle royal with vast obstacle courses and maps that are very creative and addictive to play. The game queues you up with 60 players who attend three rounds of elimination, leaving only 10 people to compete in the finale! 

 Get ready to get pushed, thrown, shoved, and even betrayed by friends in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout! 

Call Of Duty: Warzone 

Click here to get Call of Duty: Warzone

Now to the more realistic, and more gruesome battle royals! Call of Duty: Warzone is another massively multiplayer battle royal that takes you back in time, during World War 2 along with 150 enemies always on the hunt to kill you. Players have the ability to drive a tank, a bomber plane, and many more vehicles as well as realistic guns, and traps! The game also has various other game modes for you to explore with your friend as you can play in a stack of three! 

If you’ve wanted a hint of realism to your battle royal experience, download Call of Duty: Warzone. You wont regret it, plus it’s free! 


Click here to get PUBG

We’ve all played PUBG, maybe not on the PC but definitely on our phones, and it was fun! The game itself is quite easy to play and understand with vehicles, guns, ammo, and attachments spread all around the map. All you have to do is stay in the safe-zone and eliminate the ones behind you! The game recently become free on Stream, and if you spend some money you can play the mini games to. Players who had previously owned the games have mini games unlocked. 

There are many player on PUBG servers so queue times are usually lesser then a minute! Just claim it already! 


Click here to get Fornite

One of the biggest battle royal games ever, Fortnite is something all gamers should experience! Getting shot at and don’t know from where? Build a wall of the raw resources you’ve farmed! The game is quite interesting with vehicles being shopping carts, random springs that bounce you onto cliffs. Fornite has everything you’d want in a battle royal, and recently they added a new mode called ‘Zero Build Mode’ where players cannot build anymore, rather face the gunfight and come out victorious! 

It won’t even take too long to install this one. Just make your account on Epic Games and claim Fortnite to participate in the greatest battle royal yet! 

Apex Legends

Click here to get Apex Legends

Apex Legends is much, much, much harder than your usually battle royal, but addictive none the less! The game features 18 ‘Legends’, each with their own unique power to help their team in a battle royal situation. For example, one of our favorite Legends, ‘Bloodhound‘, who helps locate any near enemies using his ‘Eye Of All-Father’ and ‘Beast of the Hunt’. All fights take place in futuristic looking worlds where players either solo against 20 other players or duo against 30 others.

If you’re in search of a fast paced, massively multiplayer battle royal, you have to give Apex Legends a shot. 

We hope you enjoyed our picks for battle royal games you should try, and if you want more gaming content  tune in next week for more! 


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