Brands & Entertainment Conference 2022 Preview

The Brands & Entertainment conference, scheduled for June 1 and 2 2022, will bring together the who’s who of the media and entertainment industries. This two-day affair will congregate prominent media houses, seasoned entertainment industry professionals, and the most vibrant content curators, under one roof at the grand Taj Lands End Hotel, Bandra, in Mumbai, India.

The Conference

As mentioned on the company’s website, “The essence behind Brands & Entertainment is the creation of a fundamental B2B event which aims to coherently amalgamate the connection of brands with each and every one of the myriad sectors belonging to the entertainment industry.”

The Brands and Entertainment conference invites attendees to celebrate groundbreaking, unorthodox and innovative marketing campaigns and explore networking opportunities with prominent business individuals in the industry via keynote sessions, brand stories, panel discussions, fireside chats, and much more.

Gathering at the conference will be aspiring media companies, entertainment brands, music labels, marketing enthusiasts and students with a keen interest in the subjects of marketing, advertising, and all forms of media and entertainment as a future career.

Speakers at the Brands & Entertainment conference 2022

A lavish mix of pioneers in music, events, film, TV, and other forms of entertainment will orchestrate the Brands & Entertainment conference. With two days of networking, panel discussions, and more, professionals, media aficionados in attendance can expect to stay up to date on the latest creator and consumer trends.

Some panelists and speakers to be expected at the Brands & Entertainment conference are:

  • Brian Tellis – a radio show host and entrepreneur who also plays a significant role in organizing the annual Mahindra Blues Festival in Mumbai;
  • Anshul Rustaggi – the founder of Totality Corp, a Web3 Game company, where he plans to establish a gaming metaverse based on Indian mythology, powered by playable NFTs;
  • Rishi Bradoo – a music producer and NFT artist. Through his Swaraj Projekt, he intends to create a decentralized world in which artists have creative freedom;
  • Mae Thomas – an entrepreneur who, through her podcast, highlights many Indian indie artists, is also scheduled to be speaking at the event;
  • Suhani Shah, a hypnotherapist who combines magic and illusion in her motivational speeches;
  • Ashish Pherwani – Media & Entertainment Advisory Services at Ernst & Young;
  • Resha Jain, Vice President of Content Marketing at SUGAR, a makeup brand that offers a wide range of cruelty-free cosmetics;
  • Preeti Nayyar – Universal Music Group’s Vice President of New Business & Brand Partnerships, a 20+year veteran of the media, music, and entertainment;
  • Mithilesh Patankar – also known as Mythpat, is a YouTuber known for his extensive game reviews;
  • Devraj Sanyal – Managing Director and CEO for Universal Music Group will make their presence known at the conference by delivering extensive talks and insights;
  • Gunjan Arya – CEO of Only Much Louder;
  • Deepak Choudhary – founder of the first IP & festival company in the UAE, ‘XPRNC’;
  • Owen Roncon – founding member of Fountainhead and Oranjuice Entertainment;
  • Rohit Raj – Co Founder & CEO at BB Ki Vines Productions;
  • Viraj Sheth – the Co-Founder & CEO at Monk Entertainment;
  • Shreyansh Pandey – Head of TVF Originals who worked on some of TVF’s renowned content such as Kota Factory, Permanent Roommates S2, TVF Pitchers, TVF Tripling;
  • Sukesh Nayak – Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy India;
  • KV Sridhar – also known as Pops, he is a graphic designer, storyteller, teacher, social commentator, and advertising professional;
  • Sameer Nair – CEO of leading Content & IP Creation Studio Applause Entertainment;
  • Varun Duggiral – Co-founder of The Glitch, one of India’s leading creative agencies;
  • Hemant Dua – Co-Founder & CGO at Do Your Thng, a platform for content creators;
  • Siddharth Roy Kapur – Founder & Managing director of Roy Kapur Films and President of the Producers Guild of India;
  • Isteyaq Ahmed – National Head Digital of Red FM; among others

At the conference, a variety of content creators, creative strategists, event company founders, and leaders from different sectors of media will gather to convey insights and valuable information about their journey, innovative ideas, and upcoming trends in the industry today.

Initially scheduled for 2021, the conference was postponed due to the pandemic. This year, the conference will be held onground as well as virtually.


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