Know Your Artists: Onyx Recordings’ ‘Balance’ EP

Onyx Recordings is a Brighton-based Drum & Bass label that started its adventures in 2017 and now in just under 5 years, they have established their name as one of the formidable imprints of the genre.

It all started with a university project which gave birth to the idea of a record label in 2017 and the result was Onyx Recordings who believe in the sole purpose of delivering the freshest and the grooviest Drum & Bass music; a reputation they have built over the years owing to unmistakable releases they table in front of their audience.

After a steady run of releases since their inception, Onyx Recordings had their breakthrough year in 2020 when they earned a nomination for the best Best Virtual Festival in DJ Mag’s Best of British Awards and Drum&BassArena’s 2020 award for Best Newcomer Label for their heroic effort of raising over £30,000 for the NHS to aid their measures during the peak of the pandemic. 

2021 saw them win the Best Newcomer Label‘ at Drum&BassArena’s awards and with a catalogue brimming with face-melters and soul soothers alike, Onyx Recordings have released music from names like Jam Thieves, Disrupta, Skantia, Waeys, Trex, Rider Shafique to name a few and it has now turned into a label whose release dates listeners mark diligently in their monthly Drum & Bass calendar. 

After starting the year in resounding fashion, Onyx Recordings have released the ‘Balance’ EP featuring Asha Binx, CaitC, and Insight which aims to address the gender imbalance in Drum & Bass. The ‘Balance’ EP is the outcome of Onyx Recordings’ collaborative project with The House of Hi-Fi, an initiative that focuses on pushing the careers of women & non binary Drum & Bass artists.

Female Drum & Bass producers from across the board were invited to submit their original productions with the best ones being sharpened and released as part of an EP; and for the label’s first edition of the series, Asha Binx, CaitC, and Insight’s tunes were picked for the ‘Balance’ EP.

3 tracks that encapsulate the full spectrum of Onyx Recordings that focuses on dancefloor material and soulful DnB alike with a future-focused approach, the tunes in the EP are all set to make rounds in DJ sets. With the EP in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to talk about the three incredible artists in the EP at length and give you a glimpse into their journey so far, their sound, and lots more!


Starting with the first artist on the ‘Balance’ EP who has brewed up a dark and aggressive number with a burst of old school flavours is a DJ and producer from one of DnB’s spiritual homes, Bristol. As a DJ, Asha Binx likes to dabble around the deep and dark sounds of Drum & Bass, Jungle, to achieve the clean and punchy narrative that she pursues in her DJ sets.

‘Black Rainbow’ marks her debut release as a producer and it has given us a sneak peek into what we can expect from the Bristol-based producer.


We’ve always said that whatever the Dutch do in Drum & Bass, they do it the best and CatiC is the prime example of it. Hailing from the southern part of the Netherlands, she is one of the first female producers from the country to release Drum & Bass music.

With one eye on the rhythmic sentiment and another one on the dancefloor, CatiC’s productions are bright, enterprising and unapologetic. Like her music, CatiC’s DJ sets take the same route with her sets always bringing the radiance and the energy that you need to lose yourself on the dancefloor, and her tune ‘Everything You Say’ on the ‘Balance’ EP reflects exactly that.


Hailing from Devon and steadily making her way into the London Underground, Insight is making some serious moves in the scene. Taking inspiration from hip-hop, ambient, grime, and R&B, Insight always communicates a story through her music. Known for her unique blends behind the decks, Insight a regular name in the UK club and festival circuit as well.

Along with the journey as a DJ and producer, Insight also assumes many other professional hats like film composer and recording engineer, events and sound crew. The multi-talented artist’s tune on Onyx Recordings marks her official debut and it is a culmination of the cinematic yet powerful influences that she champions.

Buy the ‘Balance’ EP – HERE 

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