Venue Spotlight: Bagatelle, Tulum

If you’re all about seeking the greatest pleasures of life, Bagatelle Tulum is for you! An exceptional cuisine, amazing wine and champagne will guarantee you have a great time at this venue.

Bagatelle is a French hospitality brand of luxury restaurants and beach clubs. It celebrates the South of France’s exuberant enjoyment of life, epicurean and festive spirit, and friendly atmosphere. It has many locations all around the world, including St. Tropez, London, New York, Miami, Tulum, Dubai, and Buenos Aires.

Your experience at this beautiful place will be elevated by its events, such as the upcoming indoor events – Riva Star on June 3 and Todd on July 15 that have been ticketed by The Ticket Fairy.

Bagatelle was first started in New York City. Two French entrepreneurs, Rémi Laba and Aymeric Clemente, met there in the early 2000s. Drawing on their respective experiences in the hospitality industry, they decided to join forces to open the first Bagatelle in the city, and it was successful. With this, the restaurant quickly started exporting its concept worldwide. And, so, they brought the French joie de vivre to Earth’s chicest destinations.

According to the restaurant: “Enjoying a brunch, lunch or dinner at Bagatelle is like being invited in the home and to the table of an epicurean bon vivant from the French Riviera.”

The food at Bagatelle is sophisticated, generous, and authentic, with dishes served meant to be shared with family, friends, and your loved ones. It provides a unique French-Mediterranean quality dining experience. You are guaranteed to have a wonderful experience, enjoying mouth-watering dishes in a festive and convivial atmosphere at Bagatelle.

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Being at Bagatelle is like being with your family, their team is friendly and entertaining. They are always making guests feel at home. “Come what may, we will always go the extra mile to make sure we exceed your expectations and take your experience to the next level, creating exceptional memories,” states Bagatelle.

Bagatelle’s team of exceptional executive chefs strives to bring the best and freshest ingredients to your table! They share the generosity and conviviality of the French Riviera with their customers.

Bagatelle Group now boasts 14 Bagatelle venues around the world. It plans on opening multiple new concepts and destinations per year over the next five years. Its venue in Tulum prides itself on providing a diverse experience to its visitors. Bagatelle Tulum combines the best culinary offerings with beach relaxation and a fantastic time! You can show off your move at parties with some of the world’s most renowned DJ’s sets.

Your days can be filled with relaxation at the beach club sunbeds or Balinese large beds while enjoying cocktails! If you like to party and are music lovers, you will be treated to mind-blowing and immersive DJ sets who will set the venue on FIRE with their tunes.

Bagatelle’s venue in Tulum is a hot and trendy destination. It is in a paradisical setting facing the Caribbean Sea, and is much more than a restaurant! Its white sand beach and beach club-style living space take you into a relaxed and sparkling world!

Endless champagne and ocean views can be enjoyed from the sparkling swimming pool. With this, good music and an idyllic landscape become a perfect match to make sure you make unforgettable memories at Bagatelle Tulum.

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