IYRE Makes His Full Debut On Goldfat Records

Since his debut early last year, we have been big fans of IYRE’s music and we don’t see the admiration for the eclectic producer ceasing anytime soon.

Let’s be honest, Drum & Bass is incredibly difficult to sell in the South Asian part of the world. However, the Sri Lankan producer, with sheer belief in his craft, has now commanded the place as the best Drum & Bass talent to represent his country and the region as a whole.

Since his debut on Goldfat Records, IYRE has gone on to release his music on labels like Fokuz Recordings, Pilot Records, and Celcius Recordings. Combining super clean sound design with enchanting melodies and shimmering synth work that is laid over his signature beat patters, IYRE is steadily carving his niche with a consistently rising audience from his own region, Europe and North America alike.

His profound and powerful style of Liquid Drum & Bass saw him bag a nomination for Drum&BassArena’s ‘Best Newcomer Artist’ for 2021. The nomination was followed by a pulsating DJ set for UKF’s Future Visions initiative.

Now, for his first release of the year, IYRE has returned to where it started to make his full debut on the label. Goldfat Records will be the purveyors of IYRE’s first 5-track EP called ‘Light Of Hope’ and as we have come to expect from IYRE, it’s a stunning work of art.

The EP begins with the title track featuring the intense vocals of London-based singer Breezy Lee coupled with IYRE’s gritty drumwork. Next up is ‘Distant Memory’ that blows us away with its light and dark atmospheres and dubby textures.

Now comes the best track from the EP in our opinion; Just like its name ‘Reverse Apology’, the tune begins with long and lush melodies, before completely flipping its energy to turn into a gritty club-driven banger. ‘Retired Replicant’ is the ideal example of IYRE’s unique ability of conveying emotion through sound and turning it into a spellbinding Drum & Bass journey.

Final track ‘Kalanthia’’s name takes inspiration from the movie Bladerunner is delivered in the same fashion with its hyper-futuristic yet dystopian vibe, completing IYRE’s full debut in outstanding fashion.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=videoseries?list=OLAK5uy_mX5_4Wl4nxTP9451M53nyvZym29wthQNY]


If this is his first full debut, one can only imagine what’s coming next! Absolute carnage!

Buy/Stream IYRE’s ‘Light Of Hope’ EP – HERE

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