Neonlight Drop Their Second Album – Vanity Fair

If you thought Germany was all about its hard-hitting Techno and Trance sounds, then Leipzig-based Drum & Bass pair Neonlight will prove you wrong.

One of the earliest adopters of the ‘Ultrafunk’ sound that we have been witnessing in the wider European Drum & Bass scene, Neonlight is one of the finest bass music acts to come out of German. The duo’s journey started in 2007 when they released two humdingers on Berlin-based label ‘No Breaks!’ as individual producers.

Soon they realized that their musical interests of destroying the dancefloor with high-octane beats aligned perfectly and two years later, Neonlight was formed. Since then, the German duo’s meteoric rise has led to them releasing their bone-crushing Drum & Bass material on labels like Bad Taste Recordings, Blackout Music, Lifted Music, Cause 4 Concern and many more.

Neonlight have been at the heart of the ‘Ultrafunk’ sound which combined Neurofunk and melodic synth chords to create an intense concoction of funk-fueled Drum & Bass bangers and tracks like ‘Heavy Bettie’, ‘Neon City’ and ‘Uhrwek’ demonstrate the style of DnB they have been pushing for a decade and more.

Along with their singles and EPs on the most renowned labels in the genre, Neonlight also released a critically acclaimed album on Blackout Music, and now after 6 long years, the duo have released their second studio album – Vanity Fair. As expected, the 14-track album is a journey into the duo’s deep, sci-fi and methodically engineered influences that exemplify their maximalist take on Neurofunk music.

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The album begins with the title track which is a powerful infusion of a rock-influenced big room Drum & bass, serving as the perfect prelude for what’s to come. ‘Scarface’ with Dutch legends Black Sun Empire takes us back to the peak Neurofunk era while ‘Tragedian’ puts a soulful break with its delicate pads to this super-charged 14-track machine.

‘Denunziant’ and ‘Hero Of My Youth’ are prime examples of the duo’s maximalist Neurofunk sound followed by ‘Bullhead’ which serves as Neonlight’s unique take on Jump Up Drum & Bass. ‘Desire’ with flowanastasia’s moody vocals with screeching bass noises constantly mutates around high-powered beats.

Super-sharp drums and distortions with gritty snares form ‘Self Explorer’ and ‘Triumph’ like ‘Tragedian’ is a pitched-down tune with progressive drums and booming synths. ‘Mammon’ is a design-focused Drum & Bass package with a dark sci-fi theme. ‘Corset’ is simply Neonlight at their menacing best with its dynamic textures and chunky drops.

‘Kinski’ pops out as another futuristic Jump Up banger from Neonlight before ending the album with ‘Ignored’ and ‘Freedom’ which are two cold and techy numbers packed with great intensity and cinematics.


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