Mental Health Organizations for Musicians

The need to build awareness around mental health is crucial today amidst the stigma surrounding it. Having discussions and raising awareness about it helps bring about a conversation that mental health illnesses too should be diagnosed and one should receive treatment for it just as they would for their physical health.

Although being a musician can be rewarding, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes, some things known through their music, some battles unknown. We’ve lost so many brilliant musicians to it.

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A 2019 survey conducted by the digital distribution platform Record Union with almost 1,500 musicians shared the results that more than 73% of independent music makers suffer from symptoms of mental illness. It found that anxiety and depression were the most commonly experienced negative emotions in relation to music creation. Therefore, artists share their stories, help raise awareness about mental illnesses and even work with organizations to help those in need and end its stigma.

We’ve compiled a list of nine mental health organizations that can be helpful to musicians –

Music Minds Matter

Music Minds Matter is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is the Help Musicians’ dedicated mental health support line. “If you work in music and are struggling to cope, or know someone who is, talk to us. It doesn’t have to be a crisis, or about music. We’re here to listen, support and help at any time,” states Music Minds Matter.

Music Minds Matter is a service for the whole UK music community whose trained support will listen to you at any time. They offer emotional support, advice and information, debt and legal advice as well as access to financial support from Help Musicians, free counseling, and CBT (on the phone, online, or online from qualified counselors.

Furthermore, you can explore online resources and personal stories on Music Minds Matter Explore. These include guidance from professionals and organizations offering support.

Find the Music Minds Matter website: HERE


MusiCares is the Recording Academy’s charity. It provides a safety net of critical assistance for musicians and music industry professionals in times of need with services and resources covering a wide range of financial, medical, and personal emergencies. “Each case is treated with integrity and confidentiality,” as per Output. MusiCares also “focuses the resources and attention of the music industry on human service issues that directly impact the health and welfare of the music community.”

Visit the MusiCares website: HERE

Silence The Shame

Silence the Shame is a nonprofit organization. It focuses on education and awareness of mental health in this industry working tirelessly to eliminate the shame and stigma that all too often comes with seriously addressing mental health.

Silence the Shame offers recurring community conversations. They also offer mental health first-aid training, volunteer opportunities, fundraisers, and much more.

Get in on the action: HERE


Backline is a non-profit that “connects music industry professionals and their families with a trusted network of mental health and wellness providers.” They offer resources like free meditation. These include yoga subscriptions for the music industry and support groups. Furthermore, Backline’s mental health professionals work with individuals to create custom plans. These take things like location and financial resources into account.

Find the Backline website: HERE

Sweet Relief Musicians Fund

In 1993, Sweet Relief Musicians Fund was incorporated as a 501C3 nonprofit charity. It provides financial assistance to all types of career musicians and music industry workers who are “struggling to make ends meet while facing illness, disability, or age-related problems.” Ever since its inception, they have been offering vital assistance to professional musical artists in need and provide services and financial assistance for career musicians, singers, composers, and arrangers. Assistance is available to artists from any music genre located in the U.S. and Canada.

Read more about Sweet Relief’s qualifying guidelines: HERE
Visit the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund website: HERE

Music Support

Music Support is a registered charity. It is founded and run by people from the UK music industry. It is for individuals in any area of the UK music industry suffering from mental, emotional and behavioral health disorders. This includes but is not limited to alcohol and drug addiction.

Find the Music Support website: HERE

Key Changes

Key Changes provides music industry-focused mental health recovery services. They do this in hospitals and the community for musicians, songwriters, lyricists, producers, vocalists, and MCs with their award-winning approach to promoting well-being and recovery through studio sessions. Their approach also includes artist development and live performance supported by music industry mentors that develop creative, technical, and vocational skills. It opens pathways to mainstream opportunities in education, work experience, and employment.

Visit the Key Changes website: HERE

Sound Mind Live

Sound Mind Live aims to “end the stigma that surrounds mental health and mental illness through the power of music.” It taps into the music industry and harnesses the power and influence of music. They hope to go beyond spreading awareness to help those with mental health illnesses thrive and offer events such as discussions, festivals, and more; access to therapy, support groups, and helplines.

Visit the Sound Mind Live website: HERE
Find Sound Mind Live on Social Media Platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Music for Mental Heath

Music For Mental Health is “dedicated to coordinating creative projects between the music community and organizations that work to improve people’s overall mental health and well-being.” Their projects raise money and awareness for worthy causes, connect with non-profits and help organizations to discover them.

Music For Mental Health connects with musicians, venues, event planners, news, and media to collaborate on creative projects for said causes and works to raise funds and awareness for causes. They also do this to improve overall mental health in the community through a connection to music.

“A high percentage of proceeds made at events will go directly back to nonprofits and helping organizations,” states their website.

To learn more about Music For Mental Health, visit their website: HERE

Function Central

Function Central offers an informative ‘Guide to Supporting the Mental Health & Wellbeing of Musicians’. It gives you an introduction to mental health, covering the most common mental health problems and causes in musicians. Their “Mental Health and Musicians: Statistics” exhibits how one can create a better working environment, including recent mental health statistics.

Secondly, this guide helps you learn healthy practices for mental well-being. It also provides some resources and services you can access for additional support. You can find useful links and further information, such as how you can get help for your mental health and how to access support.

Find ‘A guide to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of musicians’: HERE
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