SUNANDBASS Festival Is Sold Out

Drum & Bass as a genre doesn’t do many festivals, but when it does, there is quite nothing like it. And a tiny glimpse into SunAndBass will tell you why.

Held on the gorgeous island of Sardinia which is famous for its sandy beaches and hiking trails, SUNANDBASS has been one of Europe’s annual Drum & Bass family gatherings since 2003. With stunning backdrops, five unique stage set-ups, and one secret location with power-packed lineups for eight days and nights, SUNANDBASS is one of the top music festivals in Europe as a whole.

Taking place at San Teodoro in Sardinia, underneath the ‘Costa Smeralda’, one of Europe’s most exclusive holiday destinations, SUNANDBASS begins with ‘Al Faro’ which is the rendezvous point for guests, staff members and DJs alike.  The festival then moves on to its famous Ambra Day and Ambra night locations with the former being curated specifically for live setups.

Bal Harbour, Ripping club and La Cinta Beach is where all the magic unfolds with performances that go deep into the night. The secret location as the festival says is ‘It’s a secret and it’s not every year’!

The festival’s last grand party took place in 2019 with a jam-packed lineup throughout the week. The 2020 edition could not take place for obvious reasons and the 2021 edition as well faced major setbacks. Now finally, after two long years of excruciating wait, the festival is all set to make a solid return.

Slated to take place from September 10 to September 17 this year, the festival will finally return to San Teodoro and Ambra Night, and there is no doubt there are going to be some crocodile tears from DnB heads for having their favourite festival back after two years.

The two-year wait was painful but when the festival’s tickets went on sale last night on The Ticket Fairy, the festival was practically sold out in under two hours which speaks volumes about how anticipated its return was. The lineup is yet to be announced and it should arrive in the last two weeks of August.

A statement from the organizers said, “We’re sold out! ??Our SUNANDBASS 2022 edition will be exactly the reunion we need! Thank you for your trust, passion, patience and love! We’ve earned this one”.

For those who could not make it, don’t lose hope because with festival tickets, come unfortunate cancellations and that’s where you can get lucky. Whole Week Passes and Single Night Tickets might be resold for a small fee via Ticket Fairy but until then you can sign up to the Waiting List where you may stand a chance to buy the passes in case of cancellations.

For the ones who have managed to grab the tickets, maybe its a good idea to start building your itinerary already. For more information about the festival and this year’s updates, sign up to their Newsletter if you haven’t done yet and then catch a glimpse of what went down in Sardinia in 2019!

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