Pride Events You Can Attend This Month

This is the 52nd Pride Month but it goes back to June 28, 1969, when the police raided a popular gay bar: the Stonewall Inn in the New York City neighborhood of Greenwich Village. Both the patrons and local residents were fed up with the frequent raids and harassment from law enforcement. They began to fight back, which led to six days of protests and clashes between LGBTQ people and police. It is now known as the Stonewall Riots.

Similar homophobic and transphobic persecution and raids on gay-friendly businesses by police had previously sparked other uprisings in the U.S., such as nearly three years earlier in San Francisco at Gene Compton’s Cafeteria, or a decade before in Los Angeles’ Cooper Do-nuts, and they continued occurring for decades.

However, Stonewall was one of the first times when the patrons fought back with a diverse crowd of lesbians, gay men and transgender women, many of whom were people of color, clashing with the police. They threw bottles and refused to be intimidated.

On the anniversary of Stonewall in 1970, activists held a march known as Christopher Street Liberation Day in New York, as per US News. This was to commemorate the uprising on that very street a year before and this parade drew thousands of marchers. It prompted other cities to hold Pride events, which evolved into annual celebrations in June.

Similarly, we now have Pride marches, workshops, events, etc., all month long in different parts of the world. Ticket Fairy, too, is ticketing LGBTQ+ Pride events this month and we’ve compiled a list of some exciting upcoming events. Happy Pride!

Dance Club Pride, Washington – June 10

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Celebrate the Pride weekend at Dance Club, which is back at late-night-spot-favorite Red Room! Dance Club is a new queer dance party! It started in October 2021 and focuses on local DC talents such as DJs, drag performers, and dancers.

Dance Club was founded by Joyce Lim, the founder of 1432 R Records and the Extended Family mix series, and Tommy C and Baronhawk, the Founders of TNX. It is a collaboration with Sleaze, Noxeema Jackson, and Flower Factory. They offer you the perfect weekend schedule of events to go to for DC Pride 2022.

The guest DJ on Friday, June 10, is DC’s hometown hero Juana who has done a lot of the heavy lifting to put DC techno on the map! She is a resident DJ of NYC’s Unter party. Juana is also a founder of the new favorite DC party, Noxeema Jackson. The host for the weekend celebration will be Jane Saw, a certified rock star in DC. She SERVES as the host of Sleaze and Banshee.

Book your tickets: HERE
Find Juana on: Soundcloud | Resident Advisor (RA) | Instagram
Instagram Profiles of: Jane Saw | BANSHEES | Sleaze Party
Visit the Dance Club website: HERE


Pride or Die Party, Washington – June 11

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Pride or Die Part is a time to come together and celebrate all things LGBTQ+ on June 11 in Washington. It’s a pride or die situation, so be there with all your rainbow flair and dance the night away with your crowd community.

Grab your tickets NOW: HERE

Miss Gay West Coast USofA, Classic & At Large, Modesto – June 4

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USofA Pageants LLC & Royalcock Presents Triple Crowning Miss Gay West Coast USofA, Classic & At Large on June 4, 2022. Special Guests at the event are: Miss Gay Wet Coast USofA – Alina Malletti Galore, Miss Gay West Coast USofA Classic – Mercedez Munro, and Miss Gay West Coast USofA At Large – Desiree St James.

Book your Tickets: HERE
Find the Special Guests on Instagram: Alina Malletti Galore | Mercedez Munro
Visit the West Coast USofA website: HERE


Dragflix and Chill, Wellington (NZ) – June 24

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Dragflix & Chill is a tribute to all shows and characters in the universe we call Netflix!

Winter is coming! At Dragflix and Chill but fear not! You can venture out and come see some too hot to handle drag artists on June 24 in Wellington, New Zealand. They will show their rendition of their favorite characters with a night of Bojack, Big Mouth, and booty (or is it cake?) on the menu for your sugar rush of a drag show. Grab your tickets to this exciting show now and bring a “friend” to Dragflix and Chill.

Book your tickets: HERE


Drag Bingo Beats June, Queenstown (NZ) – June 5

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Queenstown is getting lit for the first weekend of Pride Month. They are over at Beech Tree and if you love games, know your music, and appreciate a good beer, then Drag Bingo Beats awaits you! Get ready to be entertained with some show-stopping DRAG!

This musical adaptation of bingo is hosted by Queenstown’s own Drag Queen, Phoebe Moore. Contestants must fill their cards by identifying the songs spun by the DJ at a night to remember featuring prize giveaways! The event also features a special performance from your host! Dress-up is not mandatory but is always encouraged!

Get your crew together and grab your tickets before they fill up: HERE


PRIDE w/ Peter Napoli & Eddie Elias NYC, Brooklyn – June 25

New Yorkers get ready for the NYC PRIDE PARTY for the entire community filled with high-energy House & Techno on Saturday, June 25 in Brooklyn. Dance all night and move to the beats of Peter Napoli and Eddie Elias!

Book your Tickets: HERE
Find Peter Napoli on Instagram: HERE


HustlaBall New York Pride, Brooklyn – June 24

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Fabrice Marino and the Free Radical Design group present HustlaBall! It will take the place where this historic party started more than 20 years ago: New York City! Mark your calendars for June 24 for a night of celebration and lust on Pride Friday. Get ready for one of the hottest and sexiest nights ever, where talented DJ selections will bring you on a journey from Techno to Tech House. Hustlaball has an XXL Play Room, and of course, they will do live shows!

Grab your tickets before they are sold out: HERE


NINE TO FIVE! A S3X W8RKERS CABARET, Wellington (NZ) – June 4

Nine to Five is an S3x W8rkers Celebration as June 2 is International S3x W8rkers day and on June 4, they want to celebrate! S3x W8rkers come in many shapes and forms these days. From FSSW to strippers to sugar babies to content creators, there has never been a time for us to be more visible in Aotearoa.

They’re loud, proud, talented, and ready to show you what they’re capable of outside their industries. Celebrate their visibility at Nine to Five!

Get ready for the s3xy talent spectacular of the year featuring Burlesque, Drag, Circus, Dance, Comedy, and a Smorgasbord of Stunning Performers. The host for the event will be Rachel Atlas (fresh off her Best In Fringe win for solo show GAG REFLEX). Nine to Five stars Nocturnes, Vixen Temple, Curti Icon, Allikins Jerome, Maddie Jay, Blink Bogan, Frida People, TnA Dance Collective, plus surprise guests!

Don’t miss this incredible show and book tickets: HERE
Find Rachel Atlas on Instagram: HERE

House OF Evangelista, NYC – June 4

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House of Evangelista has secured the best of their favorite DJs and performers for June 4 at The Brooklyn Monarch. Their technical team of designers and engineers is known for the biggest LGBTQ+ productions in the USA. They have designed this experience to the level of excellence they are able to deliver and the House of Evangelista follows a carefully designed event structure. They produce the experience in collaboration with resident DJs and the best local and international artists.

House of Evangelista is always researching the most recent and trendy musical creations around the world. This is so they can make it available to their artists on their talent’s resource page. It is constantly updated to facilitate this collaboration.

House of Evangelista also identifies Solfeggio frequencies on incredible tracks. They include it in their sets and these hertz frequencies resonate with your body. They cause a vibration known to repair DNA, facilitate change, awaken intuition, connect and liberate.

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House of Evangelistas’s light designers are known to produce the biggest events in the country and they are instructed to use only the pink-indigo palette as those are their signature colors. They represent clarity, imagination, intuition, and direction. Within this palette, you will also find the purple-blue gradient. It represents states of higher consciousness and stimulates communication. The latter is a very overlooked ability in the club scene. They want to cultivate in their House.

You can dress up or dress down as you like as the House of Evangelista loves your creativity and sexy outfits! What they love the most is YOU feeling comfortable in whatever you decide to wear.

House of Evangelista has also created an inclusive environment based on equality and positivity with NO VIP areas at their events. There are no distinctions!

Happy Pride! Book your tickets: HERE


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