Lady of the House Launches New Label for Women and Non-binary Producers

Lady Of The House announced the launch of a new record label for women and non-binary producers. The artists are to be selected from a month-long competition held by Lady Of The House in search of fresh and new talents within the electronic music genre. 

Conducted throughout the month of June, entrants can send their music or demos to partake in the competition. 4 winners will be chosen by esteemed Lady Of The House ‘Godmothers’. The A&R (Artist and Repertoire) will be handled by Becky Hill – Brit Dance Act 2022 winner, Charlie Tee Jaguar of BBC Radio 1 and Defected’s Sam Divine.
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The emerging 4 winners will avail the opportunity to get their tracks released on the new label. Lady Of The House offers additional benefits for the 4 best submissions to kickstart their musical careers in the field. They will receive support or mentor and promotional package from experts of the community, have their track remixed by a renowned artist, a prospect to sign to the label for future releases, and gain the chance to play events representing Lady Of The House.

“I love everything that Lady of The House stands for, and it’s an honour to lend my ears to help them pick a winner for their new label,” remarked A&R Charlie Tee Jaguar.

They added, “There’s still a huge disparity in female and non-binary producers and this type of label is exactly how we will level the playing field. I can’t wait to hear all the music and champion more excellent emerging artists.”

Sam Divine of Defected built on Charlie’s statement by saying, “For someone who has ran my own record label for 7 years I know how important it is to give up and coming producers a platform. It’s an exciting time for women in the industry right now and I can’t wait to stuck in and support these women on their journey.”

The launch was announced during Brighton Music Conference on May 26. Lady Of The House is a female-led organization who published a book of the same name tracing the stories of women in Dance music. It is written by music promoter Laila McKenzie and writer Ian Snowball. 

Women and non-binary artists can submit their tracks until June 30 – HERE

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Feature Image Via Lady Of The House on Facebook.

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