Dubstep YouTube Channels You Need To Follow

Dubstep is one of the top genres in the bass music realm thanks to its intense and enterprising style that turns into an aural paradise for listeners.

Founded in the early 2000s with UK Garage at its core, Dubstep moved from its deep and meditative sounds that were pioneered by DJ Hatcha, Mala, Coki, Skream, and Plastician to a more enterprising sound that began capturing festival mainstages by the end of its founding decade.

Since then, the genre has gone through many transitions, and Dubstep heads have maneuvered wagons ranging from ‘Dubstep is dead’, ‘Dubstep is just fast drum & bass’ (pun intended) or ‘Dubstep is making a comeback’.

Regardless of these bandwagons, Dubstep remains to be the most ambitious and energetic electronic music genres. And if YouTube is where you find your music, then we are giving you a list of channels on the platform that offer the best and the freshest Dubstep head-wobblers.


Like UKF Drum & Bass, UKF Dubstep started simultaneously, and even after a decade, it still remains to be the most premium outlet for the latest Dubstep music. With uploads ranging from the legendary 2005-2010 Dubstep era to the modern mechanized sounds, UKF Dubstep has got it all. Here is a tune which comes from the earliest batch of the channel’s uploads. Enjoy!


Now coming to the second biggest channel promoting dubstep on YouTube. With over 5.5 million subscribers and just shy of UKF Dubstep’s fanbase, DubstepGutter dishes out quality uploads for fun, day in day out.

It’s not just the just Dubstep artists that they help. By accompanying their uploads with creative graphics, DSG strives to help small artists grow their audience by promoting their music and also help artwork designers grow an audience.


Based in the United States and just over 10 years old, Dub Rebellion comes next in our selection of Dubstep YouTube channels that you definitely need to follow. Dub Rebellion is home to all things deep, wonky, in-your-face, and dancefloor dubstep.

With over 700k subscribers, it’s one of the biggest bass music channels on the platform as well. Along with song uploads, Dub Rebellion also take up guest mixes and so far they have features names like Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Dubloadz, JPhelpz, and Samplifire, to name a few.


Started in 2012, Duploc is the leading tastemaker of deep and pensive Dubstep music. Having started out as a promotional channel a decade ago, Duploc has now expanded their activities into a record label and a blog covering the finest deep Dubstep.

Pushing their agenda of enriching the listener with a dependable view on the Dubstep genre and culture, Duploc has also introduced 140 Plates, which is the first-ever download store strictly for dubstep music.


This channel’s bio says ‘Dubstep Never Died’ and that is 100% correct. Every genre experiences dips in its popularity and consumption; Drum & Bass went through it twice, UKG went through it for several years until its recent revival.

Touching 70 k subscribers, Nation of Dubstep are pushing the most diverse sub frequencies music on YouTube. Their uploads include Hard, Melodic, Riddim, Trapstep, and Drumstep; basically Dubstep and everything in between.


Like their name suggests, Seismic Excursions go out looking for the tastiest dubplates and unreleased material Dubstep has to offer. An incredibly underappreciated channel in our opinion, this channel’s upload catalogue is among the best on Youtube.

Like Duploc, Seismic Excursions also brings you to the best of deep and wobbly Dubstep and digs out some really cool Dubplate music in the process.


Arguably one of the most consistent channels on YouTube, ‘Infernal Sounds’ is a figurehead label working within the dubstep/bass music scene. Alongside releasing regular 12″ records that they release, Infernal Sounds also promote other labels and artists music on their Youtube platform.

Artists to feature on Infernal Sounds include: Von D, Rider Shafique, Saule, Mesck, DE-TU, Darkimh, Taiko, Bukkha, Chad Dubz, Cluekid, J:Kenzo, Killa P, T-Man and many more.


With close to 300k subscribers, Dubstep uNk is one of the fastest growing Dubstep promotional channels on YouTube. Bringing the best and freshest beats, Dubstep uNk’s forte lies in uploading the weirdest of and around the genre.

When Inspector Dubplate uploads music, you have got to stop what you are doing and tune into it the next second, because these guys never miss a beat. A channel that has partnered with many record labels aiming to bring the latest bass music from the biggest artists and labels on the table, Inspector Dubplate doesn’t make a wrong move.

While they cover the entirety of bass music, watch out for their Dubstep uploads that never disappoint.

Mista Dubstep is our fallen comrade when the genre took a hit in its popularity but the uploads are still there and you can enjoy the best of Dubstep from the modern era on one single channel. While DarkstepWarrior along with its dark Drum & Bass uploads switches sides and puts up the meanest and darkest Dubstep music you will come across.

Let us know which one you fancy the most!

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