Games That Let You Customize Your Music Playlists

We know you guys have a better playlist than Grand Theft Auto 5’s radio. Why not upload it and listen to it while stealing millions of dollars, dealing with rival gangs, or even racing instead of GTA V radio!

Music in video games has never been great. We’ve all known that, but what if we could add our own playlists? So, below are five games that allow you to upload your own playlist to make the gameplay more exciting and enjoyable.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2

Skateboarding and music have always gone hand-in-hand. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 is the only game on our list that doesn’t let you add songs, but instead remove the ones you don’t want to hear from its playlist. All you need to do to access the list of songs is go to the main menu, open options, find sound options, and select the songs you want to hear.

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WWE 2K22

The music in WWE 2K22 is the newest and trendiest you’ll ever find! With their career mode, players can make their own fighter, give him an insane soundtrack to enter the stage, and match him up against their favorite fighter. Various types of fights are available, like the Cage Match, extreme rules, and many others.

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Sims 4

Music in Sims 4 has always been stale, but there are ways to make the radio pump out some of your favorite tunes! All you need to have is an MP3 file of the song you want (or playlist), copy the file, and paste it in a folder called Custom Music. Once you start your game, the music will be on any of the seven stations available.

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Forza Horizon 5 

Forza Horizon 5 is an incredible game, with beautiful roads, landscapes, and now, music! If you’ve ever wanted to play music or your playlist while racing with friends, Xbox and PC users are in luck. If you have Spotify installed, you just need to open the ‘Game Bar’. That’ll already have your Sportify open. Hit “play” and drive!

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Although Rockstar added some new and trending music to GTA V online, we do get bored of the same music on repeat. If you’ve gotten bored of the music on GTA, it’s really fine. You can just add some of your own.

All you do is locate your GTA V in your files folder, make a list of more than three songs, have an mp3 file or mp4, and paste it in your ‘User Music’ folder. Once you boot your game up, get onto your settings, hit Audio, and select full scan for music. The game will let you choose from three options: radio, random, and sequel. Random will play your music without interruptions, while Sequel will play music in the order in which the files were placed.

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You can now go and add all the songs you’ve wanted to listen to while playing your favorite games. We hope the list above helped you, and tune in next week for more gaming content!

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