Thomas Jack Return With ‘Sandman’ After Four-Year Hiatus

Thomas Jack returns with his track ‘Sandman’ following a four-year creative hiatus. It was released on Thomas’s label Kamaruka marking a new era for the Australian DJ and producer.

He took to Twitter to announce the release of his comeback single by saying, “It’s so crazy to reflect on the journey that brought me to this first release, Sandman is now live worldwide. It’s been a long time coming & theres a lot more to come.”

The artist spent his time away honing his vocal abilities, the result of which is evident in ‘Sandman’. As per, “Jack demonstrates an impressive range with his sultry vocal swells while keeping the songwriting catchy and to-the-point.” 

Reflecting on his decision to take a creative break, Thomas said, “I was thinking about what is it that makes music special and I realized it’s really about the voice. Look at Michael Jackson or Freddie Mercury, once they are gone you can’t recreate that.”

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“I thought that If I can focus on my voice being on the music then the genre becomes my voice and I can be in a lane of my own. I couldn’t sing at all. When I was in LA, I got a vocal coach who told me that it will take me a long time—training like three hours a day for five years to see progress. So that’s why it took so long for me my voice to a professional level where I can perform where it will be true to the records,” he mentioned in a press release.

Known to be one of the defining artists of Tropical House music, Thomas’s interlude from music came as a surprise to his listeners. He was at the peak of his career in pursuance of the massive success he found with his 2015 hit single ‘Rivers’. It is often credited to be the genre-defining track of Tropical House. The innovative musician has amassed over 300 million streams for his records globally.

Thomas Jack will be playing at Kygo’s Palm Tree Music Festival in Croatia from August 27 to September 1, 2022.

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