LGBTQ+ Friendly Establishments To Visit This Pride Month

Pride month is FAR from over, so don’t let your spirit die down. After attending Pride marches, there are many venues and clubs you can visit that are exclusive to the LGBTQ+ community. 

Discover these can’t-miss, LGBTQ+-friendly establishments so that you can be around people with whom you can be your most authentic selves. You won’t have to conceal any bits about yourself and hang around, get to know, and make friends or build a connection with people that can truly understand you. Finding people who you can relate to or that understand you is not always simple, but these LGBTQ+ friendly establishments or venues exclusive to the LGBTQ+ community can help.

Glasshouse London

The Glasshouse London project is an LGBTQ+ multi-disciplinary venue. It has three main spaces – Common Counter, The Common Press, and The Commons. The first is a restaurant and bar that serves delicious cocktails. They also have mocktails made with fresh produce. Common Counter has events and Happy Hour too! The Common Press is a book shop café. It is located in Shoreditch. The Common Press represents queer and marginalized communities and is a space to socialize over a good book and good coffee.

The Commons is a multimedia events space. It hosts a range of gatherings such as performances, art exhibitions, live music, and workshops!

Visit the Glasshouse London website: HERE

Bar Gaythering, Miami

Local queen CC Glitzer hosts karaoke at Hôtel Gaythering’s bar. This karaoke happens every Monday night, and don’t miss Bears & Hares on Fridays. There’s some for everyone, no matter which member of the animal kingdom you most identify with, so mark Fridays on your calendars if you’re interested! Apart from the bar, the sauna is Gaythering’s other main attraction. It has private rooms and amenities available to all.

The Glory

The Glory is located on Kingston Road. It is an East End Pub. The Glory is also an LGBTQ+ performance venue and the pub also has a disco basement. It offers drag shows for you to enjoy, live music, and performances throughout the week with shows from new and upcoming performers who are fresh on the scene. The Glory has given people space and community to explore their art.

Velvet Lounge, Santa Ana, California

The Velvet Lounge is centrally located in Santa Ana’s Historic Arts District. It is the latest addition to Orange County’s LGBTQ+ scene and is LGBTQ+-owned and operated. The bar and nightclub boast some of the best drag shows in California. One is smartly named “A Queen Is Born.” This includes famous signature cocktails like the Red Velvet Cake Martini and modern American comfort food created by locally renowned chefs. There are plenty of events to keep you coming back all year long.

She Soho Bar

She Soho Bar is the only lesbian bar in all of London. It buzzes with the glamour of Sohon and is located downstairs from Little Ku. The venue is dedicated to queer women, non-binary folk, and their guests.

Find SheBar on Facebook: HERE

Ginger’s Bar

Ginger’s Bar is Brooklyn’s oldest lesbian bar. It got a 2022 glow-up after an extended pandemic shut down so come for events like open mics and disco parties! Or you can just visit to kick back in the garden with a beer. Visit from 2-6 pm for a “happy hour” brew. There are drink specials too!

The Karaoke Hole

Get your microphones ready for The Karaoke Hole. It is an East London bar. The Karaoke Hole hosts queer nights performed by some of London’s finest drag stars!  It is also a great space to enjoy a night of karaoke and performances.

Visit The Karaoke Hole website: HERE

G.A.Y. Auckland

G.A.Y. Auckland started in 2005. This amazing gay bar in Auckland has a welcoming atmosphere. It attracts large numbers of gay men in the city and drag shows that start late at night are one of the main attractions of this bar. It offers a fun atmosphere to let your true spirit leash out without any reservations and has an amazing DJ. The friendly staff makes sure you have a great experience to cherish.

Gym Sportsbar, New York

Gym Sportsbar in New York calls all gay sports fans and athletes. It serves up the best of both worlds for gay sports fans. The Gym Sportsbar allows them a place to watch and discuss their favorite sports in a queer-friendly environment. In addition to this, becoming a Gym Sportsbar regular has its perks.

“Whether you decide to join the freestyle wrestling club, Metro Wrestling, or LGBT Bike Club, you’ll finally find the community where you belong. However, if you’re not as athletically inclined (or would rather just drink a cold beer in a comfortable chair) then Gym Sportsbar has you covered with televisions tuned to sports every hour of the day and an intimate lounge downstairs,” states Matador Network.

Heaven, Charing Cross

This is one of the best-known, most historic gay clubs in London. It is stationed up in its iconic Charing Cross spot and from opening up in 1979 between the arches of CC station to hosting acid house nights in the 1980s, it has become a world-renowned super club. It has rivaled the likes of New York’s The Saint. Heaven holds over 1,500 people each night. It hosts both live gigs and club nights. Heaven boasts past performers such as A-ha, Dua Lipa, Madonna, and Pet Shop Boys, among many others. You are guaranteed to have a wonderful time here.

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