Venue Spotlight: Bonbonniere, Tulum

If you are looking to experience a nightclub with vibrant tones, read on! Today we’re going to explore another one of Tulum’s incredible offerings called Bonbonniere. 

Bonbonniere Tulum is a nightclub. It offers a great nightlife with a more closed atmosphere. It provides a new alternative for those who love elegant & vibrant dancing clubs with a gorgeous design and modern interior.

It was inaugurated in 2021 with a Grand Opening in September. Bonbonniere Tulum delivers a sound & lighting system that is astonishingly impressive. It shares some similarities in its design with the other Bonbonniere club in Mykonos.

To name a few, Bonbonniere Tulum has hosted well-known artists like ?? AMÉMÉ, YULIA NIKO, ARODES, CLOONEE, and SHUBOSTAR. 

Expect the unexpected at this nightclub as it is FULL of surprises! Be prepared to experience their great variety of parties offering a fantastic time Wednesday through Sunday. You’ll have a ball at Bonbonniere Tulum!

Upcoming events DENNISFERRER and WAFF – LEONARDO at Bonbonniere Tulum on June 25, 2022, and July 7, 2022, respectively, have been ticketed by Ticket Fairy. Grab your tickets NOW!

Check out the Ticket Fairy website for more amazing events: HERE

The Bonbonniere brand has had a significant influence on VIP nightlife & socializing.  VIP clubbers and celebrities are usually spotted at their different venues!

The vibe of this nightclub is elegant! Perhaps more than others. This is because it is a closed club. It has a recurrent atmosphere of red lights and posh vibes. A dress code is necessary for entry at Bonbonniere.  

Bonbonniere Tulum offers bottle service. It has great sound equipment and phenomenal music from renowned DJs. The red lights at this venue give the atmosphere an underworld look. It looks bold, powerful, mysterious, and so much like a still from a music video or a movie. Bonbonniere Tulum offers dance shows and electronic music genres like deep tech, tech house, and house mostly. 

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As mentioned earlier, Bonbonniere delivers a wide range of parties. It has diverse themes/titles under the spectrum of the forbidden and underground. Their famous parties include Never Enough, T.S.S., Swindler Tuesdays, Back to Primitive, and Rebirth, among many other exciting ones.

Every week you can expect something new happening at Bonbonniere Tulum, it is like NO OTHER! Bonbonniere Tulum specializes in creating surroundings and events such as their Purgatory Week with artists such as the mysterious CLAPTONE. 

Many artists have performed at Bonbonniere Tulum. Some of them are CHUS, NICK WARREN, TOWNSHIP REBELLION, SAVAGE & SHE,  DWITCHES, and DAMIAN LAZARUS. 

It is recommended to make a reservation at Bonbonniere to ensure a table there. This would help to get a table and spend the night there with bottle service. Then, you have an opportunity to dance all night to some AMAZING music.

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