Concerts Held in the Metaverse You Should Know About

The Immersive experience that is the Metaverse has just about everything reality has to offer. Our recent experience at Brands & Entertainment conference demonstrated that the metaverse’s exploits thus far are very much still in their infancy.

This virtual interaction takes many forms, including virtual gaming, investing in digital artwork and real estate, shopping for real and virtual products, and even attending concerts, trade shows, and education fairs. With the metaverse, you can attend any of these events hosted anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home.

We at Ticket Fairy have also previously ticketed events incorporating NFTs, technology, and music.

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Along with an avatar in a metaverse, you will need some of the following items while attending an event, concert, or playing a game in the metaverse: CybershoesVR HeadsetAR GlassesTactile Gloves, a virtual reality controller, etc.

With this brief, find a list of music concerts that have taken place in the metaverse. We have selected events that are currently available on YouTube, so you can view the experience there!

Wave Presents: Justin Bieber – An Interactive Virtual Experience

Pop and RnB musician Justin Bieber morphed into his digital avatar for a performance in a metaverse. His 2021 virtual concert was held in collaboration with Wave, a virtual entertainment company. Bieber performed his hit tracks ‘Peaches’, ‘Lonely’, and ‘Holy’ in a virtual concert that lasted about 30 minutes. Between performances, Bieber would show up in a virtual dome that displayed the faces of various attendees from around the world, including his native Canada, Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil.

Justin Beiber recently announced that he would be postponing his upcoming concerts due to ongoing health problems. Justin revealed, via Instagram, that he suffered facial paralysis and was been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. Justin Bieber has since stated that he has “gotten better.”

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Decentraland Metaverse Festival

Decentraland, a virtual world browser-based platform, hosted a metaverse festival in October 2021. It was a four-day celebration of music, culture, and creativity, with over eighty artists and performers taking part. Five stages, art galleries, gaming booths, and merchandise stalls were assembled into the virtual arena. Music producer and songwriter Harrison First, musician Cody Frost, singer and songwriter Nina Nesbitt, media personality and DJ Paris Hilton, electronic music producer and DJs Deadmau5 and 3LAU were among the performers.

This virtual world explores music, art, creation, land ownership, NFTs, crypto, events, games, wearables, avatars, and so on.

Daler Mehndi -Indian Metaverse Concert on the 73rd Republic Day

Indian Bhangra singer, songwriter, and record producer Daler Mehndi performed in a metaverse as part of the country’s 73rd Republic Day celebrations. He performed at Party Nite – India’s Metaverse platform.

Daler Mehndi, in an interview with news media outlet Aaj Tak, said that he felt privileged to be chosen to perform at such an event, and is a new avenue and opportunity for musicians in the country.

Mehndi has also purchased virtual land on PartyNite, naming it ‘Balle Balle Land’. It is expected to open a Daler Mehndi Store, which will sell digital merchandise. Future events and music concerts will also take place in this virtual space.

The first metaverse concert in India was organized by Cryptic Entertainment an – ‘edutainment’ music label and movie production house. Held in January 2022, it was free, with about 25-30 people in attendance. Indian singer-songwriter Sparsh Dangwal performed a set of Ed Sheeran covers at the concert.

Twenty-One Pilots Concert Experience

Alternative hip-hop and Grammy-winning duo Twenty-One Pilots debuted in the metaverse in 2021, presented by Roblox, an online game platform and game creation system. They performed some of their biggest hits, such as Saturday’, ‘Heathens’, and ‘Car Radio’.

The motion capture process that went into creating the Twenty One Pilots Concert Experience

The virtual edition was created as part of the launch of their 2021 album ‘Scaled And Icy’. Exclusive virtual merchandise and rewards were also available between performances.

Speaking about the concert on a segment on Roblox, vocalist for the band Tyler Joseph said, “There’s a lot of similarities. You are experiencing the same thing at the same time, that’s really the thing that people walk away from at live shows they remember the person they were shoulder to shoulder with, they remember the other people around them who they experienced that with. That’s such an important part of what makes live music amazing, the only reason we want to do a virtual concert is we believe that still exists in this (virtual) way as well.”

Pop singer and musician Tai Verdes also collaborated with Roblox for a concert in a metaverse in 2021. His fifteen-minute set included tracks like ‘Stuck In The Middle’‘Let’s Go to Hell’‘We Would Have Some Cute Kids‘, and ‘A-O-K’.

On June 17, 2022, musician and pop singer Charli XCX will perform at a metaverse concert hosted by the Roblox platform. The concert concludes a five-week virtual event that included mini-games and other digital challenges.

Marshmello Live at Pleasant Park

The Marshmallow concert was the first to take place in a metaverse. It was held in February 2019 and was one of the most pivotal moments in the game’s history. This concert lasted about 10 minutes and featured several of Marshmello’s hit songs including ‘Alone’, ‘Everyday’, ‘Happier’, and ‘Chasing Colors’. It took place in Fortnite’s Pleasant Park and was watched by over 10.7 million people.

The following year rapper, singer, and songwriter Travis Scott held his ‘Astronomical’ show in Fortnite in April 2020. Singer Ariana Grande also stepped into a metaverse in 2021 as part of Fortnite’s Rift Tour.

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Post Malone – Pokémon 25 Virtual Concert

Singer-songwriter Post Malone collaborated with gaming franchise Pokemon to perform in a metaverse to commemorate their 25th anniversary. It took place on February 27, 2021. Starting on stage and in keeping with the game’s theme, Malone can be seen traveling to various locations in search of various types of Pokémon while performing.

Lasting less than fifteen minutes, the concert featured a few of Malone’s original songs such as ‘Psycho’‘Circles’‘Congratulations’ and a cover of Hootie & The Blowfish’s 1994 single ‘Only Wanna Be with You‘. A variety of pokemon can be seen as he moves through the colorful landscapes.

HYPETYPE Metaverse Concert (Upcoming)

The Hype Type Metaverse Concert will take place on August 13, 2022, and October 15, 2022. Scheduled to perform at the event are rapper, singer, and member of the Got7 boy band – BamBam, hip-hop artist Youngohm, and EDM artist Botcash. Non-fungible tokens, cryptocurrency, and virtual shops will also be featured at this concert. Also on the lineup are DJ Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, DJ Wolfpack, DJ Makassi, and many others.

A Plano Tech, based in Thailand, is the technology company behind the virtual experience. More than 20 million people are expected to participate globally. The concert can be accessed via smartphone, desktop computer, or VR device.

Find out more about HYPETYPE by clicking here

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