Flux Pavilion Returns With A New Single

Let’s be honest. The melody-driven and gigantic drops in dubstep that you hear now would be bang average without the influence of Flux Pavilion and his Circus Records imprint.

After the formative years of dubstep came Joshua Steele, a sonic polymath with his trademark style of drums, guitars, saxophone and piano, to blow away the dubstep scene like never before. At just 19 years, he released his first piece of studio music and since then, with tracks like ‘I Can’t Stop’ which is one of the top 3 dubstep tunes ever made, ‘Bass Cannon’, ‘The Scientist’, Flux Pavilion holds the position of being one of the overlords of the genre.

The impact of his skull rattling music reached global superstars like Kanye West and Jay-Z who sampled his track ‘I Can’t Stop’ on their collaborative album ‘Watch The Throne. Influenced by the likes of The Prodigy, Basement Jaxx and dubstep pioneer Rusko, Flux loved the high energy madness that dubstep music was capable of and it made him start his own label in 2009 along with Doctor P, Simon Swan and Earl Falconer.

Now in its 13th year, Circus Records has been one of the most influential dubstep labels that has hosted names like Cookie Monsta, Funtcase, Dr.Meaker, Ace Aura and many more fascinating talents. The start of 2021 was a sad month for the Dubstep community when Flux Pavilion announced that he will not make Dubstep anymore after his tweet which said ‘I am no longer a dubstep person’.

But for a man who has pioneered the modern-day exploits of the genre and produced some of the most emblematic tunes it has seen, it was always going to be difficult to stay away. His fanbase secretly hoped that his announcement was temporary and their prayers were answered when he released ‘(Never Gonna) Be Alone’ on his Circus Imprint.

The tune like you would expect from a classic Flux Pavilion release begins with sumptuous melodies and vocal samples explode when the bass noises hit towards the end of the intro. The drop is a gorgeous slice heavy and light ingredients that are all set to captivate crowds in the upcoming European festival season.

The tune also reaffirms that one of the trailblazers of dubstep will never disappoint with his craft, and his stomping bass architecture will be a legacy that never ever fade.

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Dubstep Bangers That Will Never Age

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