Soulvent Meets Hospital Records On A Mammoth V/A

Drum & bass as a genre doesn’t do many compilations but when they do, they do it in style and this release from Soulvent Records and Hospital Records is as big as it gets.

Founded in 1996 by Tony Colman and Chris Goss, Hospital Records originated from the warehouses of Bristol and London to arguably the biggest purveyors of Drum & Bass in the global electronic music scene. Hospital’s fearless approach to their music that ranges from skull shattering basslines to the most delicate melodies, they have intersected paths of dance music with Drum & Bass that were unthinkable before.

With a catalogue that will be hard for any label to match, Hospital Records boast a monstrous roster that includes acts like Camo & Krooked, Danny Byrd, Flava D, Fred V, Grafix, Netsky, High Contrast along with fresh and dynamic talents like Winslow, Bop, Subwave, Whiney, Lens and Solah to name a few.

Soulvent Records on the other hand are the epitome of keeping the perfect balance of championing new talent and seasoned campaigners alike without letting the quality of their output drop beyond outstanding.

Founded in 2013 by Jack Pola from Pola & Bryson, Joe Goss, and Liam Holyoak-Rackal, Soulvent Records’ have gone from the Liquid Drum & Bass roots to a label that has now mastered the experimental art of Drum & Bass that is fused with the tender lanes that their roots lie in.

Year after year, Soulvent Records have grown in stature and they have now become home to breathtaking Drum & Bass talents like GLXY, In:Most, Askel & Elere, AC13 and many, many more. Fresh off their releases with Japanese virtuoso Mountain, a collabortion with Askel & Elere, Unglued, PAV4N, and In:Most, Soulvent have now dropped arguably their biggest ever release alongside Hospital Records called ‘Soulvent Meets Hospital’.

Featuring Nu:Tone, Pola & Bryson, Hugh Hardie, Etherwood, Logistics, Flava D, Whiney, Fred V, Askel & Elere, followed by up and coming names like Vektah, imo-Lu, Circumference and many more, the ‘Soulvent Meets Hospital’ compilation sees both imprints unite over 14 reworks of a selection of classics from the Hospital and Soulvent catalogues.

Dropping on the 29th of July, this super collaboration has begun proceedings by releasing Hugh Hardie’s remix of Mountain’s ‘I’m Free’ from his self-titled album that was released early this year. But if you want a bigger glimpse of what’s to come, here is a mini-mix from Nu:Tone encapsulating the album just enough to tease your anticipation.

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