Venue Spotlight: Discopussy, Las Vegas

Billed as being “minimal in everything but sound and pussy”, Discopussy throws it back to the hacienda days of Detroit, New York, and London. Located in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas, the address of Discopussy is 521 Fremont Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101.

It is housed in their old school, a covert 6,500-square-foot space with a capacity of 500. They cater to audiophiles who are seeking to mainline house and techno punched through Discopussy’s obnoxious sound system.

If you crave music like you crave air, Discopussy is the right place for you but all you need to remember is that all roads lead to the dance floor.

We can’t talk about Las Vegas’ Discopussy without mentioning their Disco-Octopus, which is their USP and one of a kind. It is a gigantic tentacles sprawling and moving over the entire ceiling of the club – with the ‘Pus having a light show for you! The Disco-Octopus is custom-built. The eight-tentacled beast is made up of 10,000+ laser-cut components. It is illuminated by 5,000+ individually addressable light-emitting diodes and is controlled by top-of-the-line LED drivers.

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The sculptural display of the Disco-Octopus boasts refresh rates of well over 60 frames per second. This creates a seamless visual experience for both the eye and video capture. The tentacles have been created by Studio Annwn. It is in collaboration with Future TBD and Building 180.

Discopussy states: “Nowhere else in the world that you can find a Disco-Octopus, let alone one that will dazzle your senses with dancing whimsical light.”

This venue serves as an excellent alternative to the superclubs on the stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard South. It is an ideal space for a night out, birthday, or bachelor/bachelorette celebration. Discopussy is an authentic nightclub in Downtown Las Vegas with some great events

The upcoming events Ivy Lab and Oakk at NFBN on June 21, 2022, Halcyon Showcase with Oolacile, Saka, Nuu$shi, Eliderp on June 28, 2022, and Delta Heavy with Bensley at NFBN on July 5, 2022, respectively, have been ticketed by Ticket Fairy. 

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Discopussy has good vibes to offer! It provides remarkable service and amazing music with music programming of Tech-house with a little Deep House. This also includes EDM and Trap House. The nightclub has a rotating roster of DJs and artists.

Image Via Discopussy.

At the club, there are table options for bottle service. You’ll find a HUGE center bar. It has tables on the right and left along the wall. A VIP roped-off section sits on the left of the club when you walk in, like a big rectangle with tables all around the edges. Before the DJ booth on the back wall, a dance floor offers Discopussy’s patrons a wonderful time and shows off their moves.

The VIP Section can be spotted on the right side of the club when you walk in. It is a small section with five tables, and according to Exploring Las Vegas, “a large table in the center is considered the best table in the house.” 

The main room tables are on the right and left sides along the walls. They are bench-style tables and in addition to this, Discopussy also has four high-top tables in the dance floor area if you don’t want to be away from where the magic is happening!

Visit Discopussy’s website: HERE
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Featured Image via Electronic Vegas.

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