Delta Heavy Drop ‘Hydra’ On Their New Label

When you think of floor-shaking, powerful and emotional Drum & Bass, Delta Heavy is a name that falls on top of that list.

Ben Hall and Simon James came together in 2009 through their love for bringing celestial soundscapes, House & Techno into their brand Drum & Bass. Delta Heavy are now one of the giants of the Drum & Bass genre with groundbreaking music on the biggest labels in the game.

Having begun their journeys in 2010 on Viper Recordings, they were quickly snapped up by Andy C’s RAM Records, where they released seminal music for over a decade. Their releases included hits like ‘Get By’, ‘Kill Room’, ‘Kaleidoscope’, ‘Apollo’, ‘Punish My Love’ and ‘Feel’, which were monumental hits across the UK and Drum & Bass charts. Their titanic style of music has also yielded two solid albums called ‘Paradise Lost’ and ‘Only In Dreams’, which dropped on RAM Records in 2016 and 2019.

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After releasing music for over a decade, Delta Heavy decided it was time to give their music a fresh turn. That led to the birth of their self-titled label last month, which will be their penchant to take the ‘In Your Face’ sound they believe in through their label.

To celebrate the inception of their label, Delta Heavy released ‘Ascend’, which marked the start of their festival-sized Drum & Bass. After just over a month since the label’s debut release, Delta Heavy have dropped another bombshell on their self-titled label called ‘Hydra’.

The track, right from its intro with its atmospherics, bassline greets and gigantic drums, has the Delta Heavy DNA all over it. However, this tune comes from their controlled and measured playbook as opposed to their swashbuckling style of music. ‘Hydra’ is also a solid proof that their label is set to be a huge success amongst their ever-growing, loyal, and an engaged fan base which boasts close to a million listeners on Spotify and YouTube combined.

Download/Stream Delta Heavy’s ‘Hydra’ – HERE

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