TFword’s Selection Of Koven’s Best Tunes

We’ve always been in awe of breathtaking bass music duo, Koven’s music is but every time they release release their work, the energy threshold of their productions seems to go one up on their previous one.

The electrifying duo of Katie Boyle and Max Rowat is one of the most explosive acts to emerge from the bass music fraternity who possess an unrivaled ability of switching styles at the flick of a switch. Be it liquid drum & bass, dancefloor, or dubstep, Koven have mastered the art of smashing them all.

Koven’s rapid rise as one of the giants in the drum & bass game took a brief halt during the pandemic but they are back with their menacing best with another new single on Monstercat. After the emphatic success of their groundbreaking single ‘Take It Away’, the ingenious duo have returned with an epicly sequenced piece of art and to celebrate their release, we are listing some tunes from Koven that you need to surely need to listen if you fancy entering bass music paradise.


Starting with their latest single. Katie Boyle from the duo once said that she’d rather prefer songwriting that horrible synths and their latest single explains why their ethos make so unique. War-like drums followed by their signature cinematic overtones and swwping strings, ‘Lions’ tells a story of hope and strength alongside the ‘Parallax Orchestra’; and yet again, the pair prove there’s a lot more to discover within their powerful soundscapes.


This tune came in 2016 when the duo were just getting started with their influential sonic impact and while remixing multi-genre duo Tritonal’s ‘Getaway’, Koven delivered one of their biggest tunes to date. Profound vocals and a cinematic intro reach their climax to raise the roof for a thrilling dancefloor banger that still continues to dominate DJ sets despite 5 years since its release.


There are some tunes in drum & bass that mesmerize the listener through their infectious energy but ‘Say What You Want’ goes beyond that. War-drums again along with Katie Boyle’s resonant vocals that lead to a heavy and synth-laden drop, the tune has captured clubs and festivals alike since its release. The best part of the song though comes when the tune nears its second drop. We’d be foolish to describe it; just listen and let us know in the comments how long the goosebumps managed to last.


If Koven do drum & bass well, they do dubstep equally better and this ferocious ability of theirs is something very, very few possess. While the drops are as energtic as you come to expect from dubstep, what Koven do stupendously well is maintaining just ther perfect rhythmic sensibility to make their music an engaging experience. The duo’s remix for Hadoken! lead to them working with Ministry Of Sound to produce a track for Hadouken’s album and Nissan’s collaborative project ‘The Nissan Juke Box’.


When two titans of dancefloor drum & bass music come together on a track, the result is spectacular at its bare minimum. Two of the biggest modern-day drum & bass duos in the form of Koven and Delta Heavy brought their powerful drums, synths and vocals on ‘FEEL’ and delivered one of the biggest anthems of 2021. Proper belter!

Let us know which one of our selections from Koven you liked the most and while you do that, grab their latest tune – HERE

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