Xbox Launches Performance Indicators On Their App

Have you ever bought games to later find out they don’t run on your PC? Well, now you can leave that to the past! Xbox has recently added a feature to almost all their games that lets you know if your system can run the game smoothly before purchasing. 

Like always PC requirements will be noted below, (minimum and recommended specs) which has always helped us gamers in purchasing a game that wouldn’t work when we boot it up. But with the help of Xbox’s performance indicator, you wouldn’t have to doubt yourself in saving a buck or two! 

Xbox’s performance indicator notes your system’s specs and compares it to previous players that used similar system, and presents its own prediction. The Xbox app has close to three thousand games in their store, and you might not see the performance indicator on a few of their games. That doesn’t mean the game won’t work, but rather their system hasn’t gathered enough information on your exact PC spec.

Many of us gamers use third party websites or applications to do a performance test of game that demands alot from our systems. With Xbox’s performance indicator there’s definitely lesser steps needed to ensure a delightful gaming experience. 

Like we’ve mentioned above, Xbox has close to three thousand games, with amazing offers this summer. Keep tuning in to hear about exciting offers, video game listicles, and much more! 

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