Must-Watch Boiler Room Sessions of All Time

If you are looking to stream music for a house party, witness performances of techno music from around the world, or watch some of the top DJs and techno artists at work, the Boiler Room sessions are a must-see!

Boiler Room began as a live streaming DJ session using a Go-Pro camera attached to a wall in 2010 and has now grown into a global phenomenon. Its DJ live feeds are recorded with the camera focused on the artist, his equipment, and dancing masses are scattered around the set.

Boiler Room: The Early Years

Berlin organized the first international Boiler Room. The brand has since aired concerts from cities such as London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Amsterdam, and Barcelona. The Boiler Room has also been organized in Kyiv in Ukraine, Bucharest in Romania, Yaoundé in Cameroon, Buenos Aires in Argentina, Athens in Greece, Auckland in New Zealand, and most recently debuted in Karachi, Pakistan, in collaboration with local brands and talents.

The All-Time Best Boiler Room Sets

Consulting our in-house DJ, Sagar Deshmukh, better known as Fragment DJ, we’ve compiled a list of must-sees, most entertaining, and unique sessions of the Boiler Room –

Carl Cox Boiler Room Ibiza Villa Takeovers DJ Set

Carl Cox, the legendary British dance and techno club DJ, hosted a Boiler Room session in his private villa in Ibiza in 2013. The dancing crowds around the set are wearing Carl Cox’s face masks and holding signs that read “Oh Yes!” – a regularly heard phrase during his concerts. A dancing conga line can also be seen in the rhythm of techno beats. While dancing to the music, an attendee places a sailor’s cap on Cox, who checks in frequently to see if the crowd is enjoying the setlist.

The Three Deck Wizard has also announced a new 17-track LP, which will be released on September 16, 2022, through BMG Records. Read more about it here.

Find the tracklist as shared by Boiler Room here

Yung Singh | BR London: Yung Singh Pres. Daytimers

DJ Yung Singh’s performance at the Colour Factory, a nightclub in London, was the Boiler Room’s first outdoor event post the pandemic in 2021. The crowd was already hot from the previous performances that featured members of DJ collective Daytimers, SUCHI, Chandé, DJ Gracie T, Saachi, and Rohan Rakhit.

Swamped by fans and attendees, he was introduced as a “South Asian Revivalist.” In more than one instance, he was pulled into the dancing crowd and even shared a teary eye moment celebrating the occasion. The setlist includes various mashups, Punjabi music remixes, breakbeats, and resounding crowd participation to Dr. Zeus’s hit song ‘Kangna Tera Ni’.

Read an in-depth breakdown of the Boiler Room’s first outdoor event featuring The Daytimers Takeover here.

Click here to watch the entire event on Boiler Room

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Folamour | Boiler Room x FLY Open Air 2019

The FLY Open Air festival was staged in the estate of Hopetoun House in Edinburgh, Scotland. The 17th-century manor was converted into a party venue for the Boiler Room electronic dance music festival. French DJ and house music producer Folamour performed on the first day of the Fly Open Air Festival.

His setlist included a mashup, retro and disco-themed variations of Elaine & Ellen’s ‘Fill Me Up’, George Michael’s hit song ‘Freedom’, and ABBA’s Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!’. His noticeable transition to the ABBA tune is a true highlight, demonstrating his skill and intelligence in reading the crowd and understanding when to drop a beat.

Kaytranada Boiler Room Montreal DJ Set

Haitian-Canadian record producer and DJ Kaytranada played in Montreal’s Boiler Room edition in 2013. A vibrant performance ensued from his combination of disco, RnB, house, and soul beats. Kaytranada even displayed some of his dance moves with those in attendance and gestured a phone call during his mix of Last Night A DJ Saved My Life’. He dropped versions of ‘What It’s Gonna Be’ by Busta Rhymes and Janet Jackson, ‘So Fine’ by Pomo, and ‘If’ by Janet Jackson – that completely livened up the crowd. Kaytranada concluded his set with a rendition of ‘Lady (Hear Me Tonight)’.

Other DJs on the lineup for the evening included Sash’U, Kenlo Craqnuques, Tommy Kruise, and High Klassified. In attendance was Montreal-based singer-songwriter Shay Lia.

Watch the entire session on Boiler Room TV by clicking here

Solomun Boiler Room DJ Set

Bosnian-German DJ Solomun joined the stage for the final two hours of Boiler Room’s second Tulum broadcast, playing both old hits and then-unreleased tracks in 2015. This Boiler Room event is currently one of the most popular on YouTube. Electronic dance and clubbing media site Mixmag described it as “seeing five Shakespeare plays rolled into one.” He mixed and mastered house and techno tunes with songs including International Pony’‘Club Soda’‘Timeless’, and ‘Horny’ for the enthusiastic audience.

The two-hour stream has also sparked a flood of comments on YouTube, with people dubbing it a two-hour movie, labeling characters, and even suggesting the Boiler Room has yet to stage a better performance.

Find the tracklist as shared by Boiler Room here

Did You Know?

The boiler room is so-called due to an early practice of executing such shows in a building’s basement or boiler room warehouse.

Boiler Room founded 4:3, a platform for curated and licensed underground film addressing topics of performance, identity, youth culture, and anti-establishment.

It also has a clothing and apparel collection, which includes collaborations with musicians. fundraisers.

Visit 4:3 by clicking here | Visit the Boiler Room store here

Sama Abdulhadi | Boiler Room Palestine

In 2018, the first Boiler Room event was held in Ramallah, Palestine. The Palestinian underground culture was on full display with hip-hop, beats, experimental music, house, techno, and electro music. Sama’ Abdulhadi, Palestine’s techno queen, performed an hour-long set at this event. Her setlist included Carl Cox’s ‘Inferno’, Cosmic Boys’s ‘Stranger Code’ and Maxime Miville’s ‘Don’t Ask’. She concluded her evening with German house/techno duo Âme ‘s ‘No War’.

DJs Muqata’a, Odai Masri better known as ODDZ, vocalist and producer Al Nather, rapper Shabjdeed, singer and producer Makimakkuk, and art collective Jazar Crew were among the entertainers that evening.

‘Palestine Undergroundby Boiler Room’s 4:3 was also released in 2018. It is a documentary about the challenges and persistence of Palestine’s growing music scene.

Honey Dijon Boiler Room x Sugar Mountain 2018 DJ Set

The Boiler Room stage returned to Melbourne, Australia, for the fourth time in 2018 for Sugar Mountain. DJ and musicians on board for the event included Dan Shake, Gerd Janson, Fantastic Man, Love Deluxe, Project Pablo, and Honey Dijon. Honey’s set is comprised of new and classic electronic music that flows between soul, techno, disco, and house sounds. She started the party by re-mixing Stevie Wonder’s ‘I Wish’, and went on mix Harry Romero’s ‘Scatter’, Armand Van Helden’s‘The Funk Phenomena’, and Acid Monday’s ‘Universal Rhythm.’

Speaking of her set in 2018, she communicated to her followers via Instagram, “This one hour after 20 years of no’s, not yet, may bees, you suck, you’re good, studying, listening, and learning that showed up that wonderful afternoon celebrating house music and all my influences from r&b, disco, and techno. So thank you and I posted the link again in my bio if you would like to revisit it.”

Click here to watch the entire session on Boiler Room TV

Skrillex Boiler Room x IMS Asia-Pacific x OWSLA Shanghai DJ Set

DJ and music producer Sonny Moore, better known as Skrillex, made his Boiler Room debut in 2016. Skrillex performed a set that lasted an hour and a half and mixed over fifty different tracks. His set featured a range of styles, including trap, dubstep, hip-hop, house, techno, and more. The crowd, which was always bustling to his beats and even singing choruses, was treated to his take on tracks. It included, ‘Cinema Oui’‘Turn It Up’‘Pop That’‘All I Do Is Win’, and a slick mix of ‘Purple Lamborghini’ and ‘Mercy’. Maneki-Neko, the lucky or welcoming cat, made an appearance among the audience as well.

A bunch of Chinese DJs and producers were also on the roster. They include beat producer Damacha, producers Zean and Conrak, turntablist, and visual artist Cavia and DJ Blaise James.

Watch the entire Boiler Room session by clicking here

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