TFword Selects The Top DnB Singles Released So Far

For being labelled as the bastard child of electronic music, it has done fantastically well over the years with its quality, quantity and most importantly, creativity.

Since the turn of last decade, drum & bass simply hasn’t looked back and grown in stature to the point where it is now filling stadiums and festivals without breaking a sweat. The last six years have seen a host of new labels, up and coming talents that have now become mainstays of the genre by redefining its boundaries with every release.

This year alone has seen over a 10 new labels coming up from the likes of Delta Heavy, Camo & Krooked, Mefjus, Kimyan Law, Kyrist who have started their own imprints which only means more modes of quality drum & bass music.

Along with some smashing EPs and albums, there were tons of drum & bass released that have smashed music charts, dominated DJ sets across Europe and practically anywhere the genre has its existence; and we are giving you some of our selections from the best singles released this year that have been on loop in every DnB head’s playlist year.


Starting with a rework of the biggest tunes of the last 12 months irrespective of the genre. ACRAZE’s work on American pop group, Cherish’s 2006 tune ‘Do It To It’ was given a DnB flip by Sub Focus who has a touch that even beats Midas when it comes delivering groundbreaking material everytime he releases music. Sub Focus’ strongest ability is to keep it simple yet adventurous to the years and he has done exactly that with this remix.


If you are follow drum & bass closely, you must probably know that A.M.C eats metal nails for breakfast and he does the same with his music. With it ghastly bass noises and sharp drums, A.MC’s music is not for the faint hearted. After a long, long wait, DJ Fresh finally decided to let the monster out of its cage by letting A.M.C’s remix of his iconic ‘Heavyweight’ out in public. 100% bass carange guaranteed.


Austrian wizards Camo & Krooked and Mefjus were making together for the last couple of years which included one of the biggest hits of last year in ‘Sientelo‘ but no one saw a label coming from them. Early this year, Camo & Krooked and Mefjus announced their label called Modus Music and ‘Overture’ was the first tune that was released by the label. Let’s just say that its a privilege to see Camo & Krooked and Mefjus’ influences coming together in this fashion.


If you are a budding drum & bass producer, look away from this tune and save yourself from the heart of pulling your hair wondering how Break is human. However, if you are just a DnB head, just sit back and cherish what your are witnessing because this man, Break is a god send from the DnB gods. It took a while but Total Science finally released Break’s highly anticipated remix of the seminal tune ‘Squash’.


Andromedik’s music simply cannot be quantified in words, but gun to our head, we would describe his music as emotinal, powerful and resounding. With main inspirations which include Netsky, Dimension, Sub Focus and Maduk, it’s no surprise that he’s graduating to become one of the pivotal members within Liquicity Records’ roster. Just hit play, close your eyes and witness magic.

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